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The darkness was deeper than the mere absence of light, almost solid: touchable, not that I could feel it. I had lost all tactile sense, yet was conscious somehow of motion. I moved through an unresisting vacuum, but how could that be? I was n

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Her Loving Husband's Curse

Her Loving Husband’s Curse

Author: Meredith Allard


Raven Mockers are evil spirits. All they care about is prolonging their own life force by feeing from others to do it. Torturing the dying and quickening their deaths in order to consume the heart of

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Our Own John C. Stipa

 No Greater Sacrifice


Author: John Stipa


Berenger Sauniere, parish priest in the tiny French village of Rennes-le-Chateau, has a hidden secret that is about to cost him his life. . Facing him was the one man that could destroy his world and take ever

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