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The Weaver’s Light: Mara Fields


Believing that falcon-faced sorcerers that have destroyed a city and turned it into rubble are controlling the world, Callan Vellus after losing his family takes to the bottle for comfort. A talented weaver whose hands

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The Thursday Night Club and other stories of Christmas Spirit

A gift of kindness, an act of kindness that is selfless and from the heart is so rare today in world filled with glitter, glam and so many who want everything and often give nothing in retu

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Disturbed: Jennifer Jaynes

Disturbed: Jennifer Jaynes

Within the pages of this complex novel is someone who will lure you into thinking he/she is an innocent victim of circumstances and whose choices in life were made as a result of being under someone’s control. Like a fire th

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And Then I Am Gone: Mathias Freese



What if everyone lived within the inside of a box so thick that they could not see what was behind the corners or upper lid and never realizing what lies behind the confines of this box? What if you world was so fr

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Review of Two Nights

Two Nights: Kathy Reichs

Sometimes your past can affect your present when things in life cause you to feel isolated and alone. Sunday Night, a name she created for herself is not one to live with the masses but on an island off the South Carolina coas

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review of Names of the Dead

The Names of the Dead Girls: Eric Rickstad


Someone is watching you but you cannot see or hear the person. Someone wants to end your life because of something your father did to him. Someone attacked you and you have never been able to deal with it an

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review of 66 metres



How far would you go to protect your sister when it’s your fault for getting yourself into a situation that might cost both of your lives? What happens when Nadia Labsheva’s relationship goes south and he older sister, Katya is caught in the crossf

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Review of Proof

Proof: C.E.Tobisman


Proof: confirmation of fact by evidence that a lawyer can prove beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal prosecutions. The main burden of proof of which a defendant, someone on trial must prove mitigating circumstances in a civil or

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review of To Fly Again


To Fly Again: Portrait of a BIPOLAR Life: Rachelle Hasnas LCSW


Mental health professionals do not always realize the gravity of their illnesses that many of their patients exhibit. Some understand the red flags and ignore them while others prescribe

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review of The Lethal Fisherman

The Lethal Fisherman: JJ Burke


Memories can haunt you and leave you wondering if your present can be enough to erase your past. Jon Morton is now working on a commercial fishing boat that he bought after spending six years as a covert operative going

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Tommy's Exodus

“Tommy’s Exodus”, the first of three novels, tells the story of a young veteran of the fighting in Afghanistan, who is back in California and starts to make his way from Los Angeles to his home in Sacramento.  He experiences enough misfortunes for a

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