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by Carey Baldwin

Tour February 14 - March 3, 2017

Sometimes things and people are not what they appear to be on the surface. Superiority, unrelenting in attitude and determined to create a persona that others will believe, someone is taunting, ma

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Killer Look: Linda Fairstein

Creating the perfect look or the perfect style is the goal of every fashion designer hoping that his or her creations will steal the show during Fashion Week. But, sometimes things go astray and what you think will win over the public does not. Kille

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Stung: Laura Wharton


Sometimes situations that can be annoying or make you angry just might bring about good results that you do not expect. Sam McClennan loves sailing in his boat, Angel, but even boats get tired and when it frizzles out and he need

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Take a trip back to the 1930’s and 40’s and enjoy the fantastic photos, stories, fun times and unique experiences shared by author Lyla Blake Ward as she helps us remember when times were different, money was not that fluid and kids learned how to pl

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Promises: Ardyce Durham


Friendships are valuable and long lasting when you are compatible, have the same interests and even know how to have fund and get into trouble together hoping not to get caught. High jinks, practical jokes, laughs and definite

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GUilty minds: Joseph finder

Guilty Minds: Joseph Finder


Within the world of media there are some that will expose the lives of others regardless of whether the information is true or has been verified. Falsely speaking of someone is a crime. Ruining his or her reputation can le

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Tessarae: Mathias b. Freeae


Life is fragile at times and all too often we let ourselves fall prey to our own human frailties. Within this memoir the author allows us to take a microscopic look inside his mind, heart, body and inner most thoughts a

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The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: Herbie J Pilato




Extremely important, necessary fundamental to the nature of someone or something are several definitions for the word essential. Author Herbie J Pilato has created a plethora of information in

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