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In memory of Sophie

A Stranger in My Recliner: My Review



It’s below freezing outside and you are wandering the streets because you have no place to go and no one that care about you or will take you in. The system of services cannot find you because you do not have an

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Fern Valley

Fern Valley: Aileen Stewart


In a world where both children and adults need to understand and learn lessons from each other in Fern Valley author Aileen Stewart comes across with both. Although the characters are different types of farm animals, she p

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Danse Macabre; Fran Orenstein

Danse Macabre: Fran Orenstein


Within the world of fear, science fiction and of course the unknown there lives many who will terrorize, frighten, torture and give you chills all the way down your spine. Each of these people you will meet when you open

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Outstanding memoir

Bringing Back Yvette

Within the pages of this last tribute to Yvette the author flashes back to where it all began. Beginning with his feelings of Dementia Beast that took over his wife’s mind and caused her to leave this world in some respects mental

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Blood ties

Blood Ties: Nicholas Guild


Within this novel the reader will come to understand the hidden fears that one young man has harbored within himself since age 12. Imagine living in fear of a parent and wondering at times if your parent was going to abando

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The Sins of Castel du Mont

The Sins of Castel du Mont: Rosemary Bracco Greenaum Kohler



Within the calls of this ancient Castel there are many secrets that are about to be revealed and lives that were controlled, changed and destroyed by the many inhabitants of this magnificen

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Dobyns Chronicles: Shirley McLain


The circle of life has no real beginning and no end. Each person goes around their circle from the time they are born and hopefully will not find or encounter too many obstacles that mar their journey along the way.

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