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The dunning man

The Dunning Man: Kevin Fortuna



Six stories different yet linked in every way as each main character believes that he is superior to that of everyone else. Each person unskilled yet living within their own world thinking that they are brighter, smart

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Ping: the rescue of Eden

Ping: The Rescue of Eden


Will there ever be a time when everyone will respect the environment, appreciate the beauty and glory of a spring day when the sun shines and the water in the ocean glistens allowing us to smell the sweet fragrance of spring

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The Curse of the Thrax


The Curse of the Thrax: Mark Murphy

What would happen if all of the information you received were what others wanted you to know? What would happen if you did not have access to computers, books, advanced technology and you were not exposed to the sc

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American Sky: my review

American Sky: Fred Tribuzzo


The world looks different from the cockpit of a plane or even as a passenger looks out of the window during takeoff or in flight. The sky is your highway and the clouds look like traffic signs or even roadblocks as the pil

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Once Humans

Once Humans




Creating a new world living on a new planet created new obstacles for those that no longer live on Eridu or Earth. Selected or Spared: Depending on which one you are would determine your life span, your importance as plants and live sto

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Five Blue Sapphires

The Amazing Crystal: Revelations: Gerald Lizee


What would you do if you could communicate with a precious stone that can communicate directly with the human brain? Would you believe it? An impulse purchase at an antique store would change the complex

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Auditory Viewpoint

Auditory Viewpoint: Lillian R. Melendez

What we often take fore granted just might save our lives. Within this world there are many people who invade our privacy, learn about our lives and seek ways to inflate their financial wealth at the  expense of

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                   AND IT MIGHT
               SAVE YOUR LIFE
                     (AND VISION)

Frank J. Wein

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Full Bloom

Full Bloom: Mark T Greene



Take the simple bud of a flower like a rose and watch it as the pedals begin to flourish. Watch how it appears so fresh, beautiful and fills the air with its magnificent scent. Some people bloom or flourish at work. Some fl

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A valuable resource

What do you use to help your body?

By Jewel Kats


Illustrated by Richa Kinra


Maggie and her mom would like to take you on a tour of their neighborhood to meet some of the interesting people that live there. Each of the people they will introduce you to

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Fascination Parlor

Fascination Parlor: Alan Lewis

A wooden table that is about 1.3 meters long and 50 centimeters wide and one meter high. How could this simple structure create such a stir? Imagine sitting on a stool at one end of the table and hoping to win a special

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