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Rescue from Sana'a

Rescue from Sana’a: Gerard De Marigny


Mission Log #2: Archangel


Watching the news there have been many incidents where our embassies and those of other countries have been attacked by terrorists. Most without any warning and others attacked by car bo

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 Billy Had To Move: Theresa Ann Fraser, CYW,BA. And Illustrated by Alex Watson


Losing a parent, grandparent or guardian can often be quite traumatic for any child whether young, teen or even young adult. Being forced to move from their home where the

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Rachel's Folly

Rachel’s Folly: Monica Bruno



Within the minds of many there are fears, hopes and needs. Sometimes many will act foolishly and show a strong lack of good sense of judgment causing them to commit an act that they would normally never do. Rachel Richar

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an outcast life

An Outcast Life: Ken Liljenquist


Growing up your parents is supposed to protect and nurture you. Teaching you values, learning how to stand up for yourself and making sure that you are never in harm’s way. But, what happens when you are ostracized, c

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A Dangerous Element: My review

A Dangerous Element: Gregory S. Lamb


Colonel Mark Coolhand Reynolds is behind closed doors in a psych ward being given meds that will hopefully erase his memory. Many other combat soldiers both officers and enlisted men are among the patients in this

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A must read for young children

My Friend Suhana: By Shaila Abdullah and Aanyah Abdullah



Friendships are formed in many different ways and children often cherish the simplest gesture, movement, smile or hug from someone that cares about them.  Not all children can respond with wor

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Death in D Minor: my review

Death in D Minor: Fran Orenstein


Manipulation, control, deceit and one lie that was orchestrated and told enveloped the life of Daniel Hull as he fought to take hold of what he thought was his: His wife: Martha Stanford Hull was not considered his li

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Recipes for a Sacred Life

Recipes for A Sacred Life: Rivvy Neshama


Recipes come in many tastes, varieties, and books, presented on cooking shows and sometimes created by you in your own kitchen. But, the recipes I am going to share with you are not ones that you can eat but a

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