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Enter the Spiral Galaxy

Many light years from our Milky Way is a galaxy made up of more than two dozen alien planets where advanced societies of good and evil have clashed for thousands of years. The powerful Planetary Alliance (comprised of eighteen member planets) dominat

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The Black Garden

The Black GardenBy Joe BrightLiving in an isolated community with his granddaughter, George O’Brien seems to be harboring not only a grudge against everyone in his town, but people in general. In 1941, when our story opens a young girl named Carolyn,

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Soul to Soul

Soul to SoulAuthor: Judith WeinbergerISBN: 978-1-935097-86-0Publisher: Two Harbors PressSoul-to-Soul brings us face to face with our thoughts and beliefs on how we relate with our relationship with God. Author Judith Weinberger awakens our spirit and

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