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Raising Redemption

Raising Redemption:

R.A. Russell


Margaret Tillman’s life changed when someone decided to take away her dignity, use her for his own pleasure and threaten her family if she ever revealed the truth behind her rape. Not allowing herself to be downtrodden

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Get Real

In one of my favorite movies, Misery, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, James Caan plays Paul Sheldon, the famous author of a popular historical romance series. Paul decides that, if he’s ever going to be a “real” writer again, he needs

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Book Cover Artist


Book Town is looking for Awesome Artist 


Those of us who have gone through the experience of writing and publishing a novel or short story know how important book covers are.  Have you ever heard the expression "you never get a second chance to m

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Music to Remember





Seven-Inch Vinyl

Author Donald Riggio

Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Living in the South Bronx and growing up near a record store that carried the top 100 hits is something kids today will never experience. CD’s, DVD’s and IPod’s are the way to go in 2011

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This book is hysterical

Do I Flaunt My Fat, or Jump Off a Bridge?


Author: A.R.Alan


Reviewed by Fran Lewis


Sabina is overweight, living at home with her mother and constantly nudged and annoyed when threatening to move out and live on her own at the young age of 30. Her moth

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