A May Day Anthology

A May Day Anthology by Christine Young, C.L. Kraemer, Rosemary Indra and Genie Gabriel takes the reader to four stories. The first story called Highland Miracle by Christine Young is a fantasy love story about Sean Michael Sterling, a New York City fireman from 1895, who is unexpectedly transported through a time machine in the shape of a fire hydrant to Scotland to a May Day celebration in1621. He is mistaken for the Laird of Sterling Castle. A commoner named Reagan is smitten by him. She and Sean dance around a Maypole. Two love faeries, Erin and Adair, sprinkle faerie dust on them enhancing they love and commitment for each other as they dance around the Maypole. Sean and Reagan will meet adversity and manipulation by people who don't want them to be together.
It's a great love story. Will Sean stay with Reagan in1621 Scotland or will Sean go back to 1895 New York City with Reagan or by himself? You'll have to read Highland Miracle to find out.
The second story Defying the Odds by C.L. Kraemer takes place in a magical land near Eugene, Oregon during the time of faeries, elves, a wood nymph, humans called Others and other mythical creatures. Mayday is coming up soon for the creatures and humans. Two antagonists, Gitty and her brother Morgan, who are night elves stripped of their magical powers by the clans of the valley, seek out revenge. Their revenge is focused on Linda Brown, a librarian and a human, and a night elf named Uther. There is an attraction between the two.
The characters stir up your emotions of bliss, hatred and contempt. The plots of evil and persevering love propel you to a Mayday conclusion and a climatic ending.
Love in Bloom by Rosemary Indra is a love story encompassed by Mayday festivities. Mattie Harrison, a five-year-old girl is graced with two love fairies, Cara and Kendra. Mattie asks a favor of her two little friends: "My dad is very lonely. Can you help me find a wife for him?" Her dad, Derek Harrison, is divorced and isn't interested in marriage or a serious relationship. Enters Shelia Roberts, a young widowed woman. Her military husband was killed in Afghanistan. The Roberts family have been next door neighbors to the Harrison family since Derek and Shelia were children. It's a perfect love story for a budding romance. One problem. Mattie and the love fairies must convince the two reluctant parties, her dad and Shelia.
Love in Bloom is a great May Day love adventure. The characters are memorable and real. The transition from chapter to chapter flows perfectly, wanting to know what happens next between the protagonists.
If you want good feeling love story, read Love in Bloom by Rosemary Indra.
No More Poodle Skirts by Genie Gabriel is a fantasy story taking place in present day near Watermark, Oregon. It's a Mayday love story including Daphne Madison, who had been sent back through a time machine to live in the 1950's for twenty years after the death of her husband. She now had returned to early Twenty-First Century. The time machine was invented by Horace Ainsworth, who lives with his wife, Madelaine in a modern-day castle on the outskirts of Watermark. These two protagonist, Daphne and Maddie (Madelaine) encounter disappointment, corruption, redemption and romance, not necessarily in that order.
All the characters in the story have their quirks, odd personalities and behaviors that propel the plot and subplots to a climatic ending. I can't wait until the next episode of the this somewhat dysfunctional family.