An Indie Author's Guide to Self-Publishing Success



Yet Another Self-Publishing Mumbo Jumbo? No. This Book is Something Else.

Readers are in an endless rush. We rush when we work. We rush when we commute. We rush when we buy.

And why is that? It's because we are in a life-long chase for that most precious resource. The thing that we cannot control. Our time. For an indie author, acknowledging this truth, and acting upon it, is the first step towards self-publishing success.

We have to provide as much as we can in just seconds to grab our future readers' attention and prove that our work is worth reading. We have to make them aware that they'll get something in return for the time they spend with us, and the money they spend on our book.

And how do we do that? I will show you that there is a proven way, and it isn't even hard, if there's someone to help.

In I Amazon: An Indie Author's Guide to Self-Publishing Success you will learn:



    • Why it's easier than you ever thought to get an Amazon bestseller


    • How to choose a title and write a description that sells


    • How to create a cover that "shines" and grabs your future readers' attention immediately


    • How to get lots of great book reviews


    • Why KDP Select is such a powerful promotion tool


    • How to get your book found on Amazon


    • How to find the pricing "sweet spot" for your book


    • How to get Amazon to promote your book for you


Sounds interesting? It is, and it is so much fun along the way.