One of the goals of Book Town is to help authors sell more books. You may have already noticed that I have begun listing a number of bookfairs to be held around the country in our events section. I have also reached out to over one hundred bookfair organizers and have asked them to directly promote their events here on Book Town making it easier for our members to choose what events they wish to attend. Each site is linked making it easier for you to contact the event co ordinators for each festival. Over the next few weeks we will also bring in more artist that design bookmarks, posters, book covers, banners, business cards, etc. These are a few of the tools that you will need to stay competive during these upcomming events. The goal here is to make life easier for our resident authors by having everything right here at your fingertips. We do not represent or endorse the artist or the bookfairs we are simply providing a service that will save you countless hours of searching around the web to find these venues and artist. Thank you - Mayor of Book Town