Fantasy novel

The Christmas Pawsibilities by Genie Gabriel is a fantasy adventure about a planned wedding on Christmas day. The future groom, Ryan Madison (a human) and the bride, Dorinda (a human who can change into an elfenchaun, part Elf and Leprechaun) are faced with dogizens and their pregnant queen, Canine Queen, whom crash land on Earth. An evil group called the GIG (Geeks in Green) lead by their ruthless leader, Commander Viktor Atrocitor. He’s diabolic plan is to imprison and experiment on the aliens. Intertwined in the story is the introduction of Ryan’s previous girlfriend, Laycee, a group of vocal woman called Blue-Haired-Ladies, and Uncle Horace, an inventor of a time machine and other gadgets. You won’t be disappointed in the cast of characters, some human, others not, as twist and turns in the story propel you to a climatic ending. Reviewed by G.L. Didaleusky, author of mystery/suspense novels.