of DeceptionAuthor: T.A. FrischkornClose your eyes-listen- do you hear the music? Listen closely and let the music overtake your mind, heart and soul. The orchestra is playing and the sounds blend together so beautifully as the instruments are finely tuned, the orchestra leader takes his place and the music fills the room. One instrument stands out between the rest- listen do you hear the sweet sounds of the violin with its strings perfectly pitched and tuned and the sounds so pure? Do you feel the emotions rising, the energy and depth of the violinist as he/she takes a journey throughout the piece and transcends into a world heard by the player and the audience.Victor Worthington was a musician of unspoken talent. Revered by his fellow orchestra members. The sound of his violin filled the rehearsal hall when he played while the wonderful sounds of the time remembered music on his stand.Renee Worthington listens to the CD’s of the Ray Francis orchestra and closes her eyes, feels her father’s presence all around her as she becomes enveloped in the sounds, colors that were her father’s life, music and more. Victor Worthington would play no more but his legacy and sound will never be forgotten but his life was lost during a horrific rainstorm. But, life struck a non-melodic chord as Victor lost his life in a terrible car accident leaving many to mourn him and one who could not cope without his presence. Battling to see beyond the torrential downpour, his eyes blinded by the rain, Victor Worthington disappeared into a ravine with a different kind of music- one of pain. But, there is much more to tell.Not alone before the accident, giving another member of his orchestra a ride home, his passenger, Brandon was about to reveal something to him but the words were never spoken. Following her father’s death and his release from the hospital Renee with the encouragement and endorsement of her mother and best friend, Alexa decides to fill his seat and take his place in the first violin section of the orchestra. Why this created such a negative effect on Brandon still remains to be revealed.Children often emulate their parents and strive for their acceptance in their own way. Renee, an outstanding concert violinist decides to try out for the Ray Francis orchestra only to be handed her father’s seat without having to audition. But, as she takes her place for the first time there are many whose resent her and whose voices will be heard louder than the percussion section and cymbals of the orchestra.As Renee takes center stage the first time during rehearsal and plays Young At Heart you can hear the song, feel the emotions and understand how the instrument spoke to her and the sounds that emanated would bring tears to your eyes and those listening.Deceptions, lies, jealously and much more play an integral part in what happens next. As the concert nears and Renee is about to embark on a new journey, she overhears the disgruntled remarks of one orchestra member after the rehearsal ends. Jealousy rears its head at times and there are many who do things just for the limelight and glow of the light and the brightness shine on someone else, they try to destroy it and crack the bulb and put out the light.Violins are precious and each one has its own sound, memories and unique look. Victor Worthington’s violin was given to Renee by her mother to play in the orchestra. Feeling her father’s presence within the room the vision of his face as she closes her eyes to play, Renee felt she would continue in his path. But, someone did not want her dreams to come true and the violin is stolen and Renee is distraught.Finding some violin pieces in the a box that contained bits and pieces that could be used to create a new violin and hoping to enlist the help of one person she knew could use these mismatched pieces to build a violin for the concert, Renee embarks on a journey to seek out help and finally does as the concert she will play will pay tribute to her father’s memory and his music.Can she put the mismatched pieces of violin parts together in time to create this violin before the concert? Will it sound like her father’s? Will she still feel his presence as the curtain goes up and the first note is played entering her own world of music?What happens during her debut concert will bring tears to the reader’s eyes. Listen: Close your eyes- hear her play the music of the great Glen Miller. Take the trip back in time and listen to the music. Do you hear it? I do!As she takes the stage, closes her eyes and dispels her fears the sound of the newly tuned strings play- her father’s presence surrounds and engulfs her. She is totally one with the music and she knows he is there with her as the violin’s sounds evoke an emotional response you will not believe on her and those present.Who took the violin and the reasons behind it this reviewer will not reveal? Will you understand after all the lies and deceptions are revealed? Decide for yourself. One person is angered by her present and incites the rest. One who cares less for the music and more for the glory and the limelight at anyone’s expense.When all is said and done and the final notes of an unfinished symphony are played you will understand the impact this man had on so many and the importance of those mismatched violin pieces. There is still on more box to be opened with a message inside. That you will have to read for yourself as author T.A. Frischkorn’s novel “Strings of Deception,” brings to light so many important issues and messages. Honest, warm, well written and heartwarming this novel is truly well delivered. A novel about faith, love, loyalty, revelations and a family of one man whose legacy will go on forever.There is no deception in the fact that this book is truly outstanding and creates memories in the reviewer that are so special. I love the violin. It is so expressive when you play it and the emotions you feel as your fingers touch the strings and you place the bow on the strings and you hear the magical sounds you hear and enter the world of Victor and Renee. Great your own legacy of music. This is definitely an outstanding first novel and I would recommend it to other readers.I never give stars when I review a book that I feel is noteworthy and should be read by many. I give this book Five Perfectly Tuned Violins to create a beautiful sound.Fran Lewis: Reviewer