How to Handle Bad Amazon Reviews

How to Handle Bad Amazon Reviews


by Clare Edwards, Demand Media

Negative Reviews of Books and Creative Works

People leave negative reviews of books and other creative works for different reasons. Typically, a reader genuinely hasn't enjoyed a novel, for instance, and wants to talk about his experience. In some cases bad reviews are left by competitors or individuals who have a personal grudge against the author. It is generally a very bad idea to respond to a review of your work, on Amazon or elsewhere, even if you remain polite and respectful.

Coping with a Negative Review

If you're a creative person -- a writer or artist -- you will obviously have invested a lot of yourself in your work. It can be hard to read a critical review and you may be very tempted to defend your work and yourself. It is most important that you do not respond, however; doing so can make you look petty and oversensitive. On some occasions, an angry response from a creator can degenerate into an argument, drawing in fans and friends of both parties. Remember that many Internet users relish this kind of drama; there are whole communities dedicated to sharing the details of online spats, meaning that your disagreement could spread far and wide. A review that might have passed almost unnoticed can end up being read by tens of thousands of people, and your good name could be sullied for a long time to come.

Abuse and Threats

It goes without saying that you yourself should never respond rudely to a reviewer, even if they were rude first. If you find yourself being abused, harassed or threatened by another Amazon user, contact Amazon for help with the problem. Abuse and threats are against Amazon's terms of service. Abusive reviews may be removed and the user responsible may find himself banned.

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