Herb TraderAuthor: Arthur TorsoneImprisoned and left to die by your own government. Denied every human dignity. Not even afforded medication, food, water or clothing. Everything you believed in washed away. One man’s story that everyone needs to read. Arthur Torsone was fascinated with the golden weed, marijuana. He smoked it, sold it and even grew it on his farm. With the help of two twin brothers, a man named Daniel and many others he developed a lucrative business. But, at what cost and why?Enter the world of Arthur Torsone and learn what happens when you go too far and your risk too much just for that next operation and that next deal. Herb trader is about the sale and trading of the Golden Herb called Marijuana. Throughout the book we meet many drug dealers, sellers and traitors/traders who lead both Arthur and many of his friends astray. From Jamaica, to Bangkok to many other cites around the world, Arthur Torsone searches for the right Herb to sell in order to make the right score and live the life of luxury that he desires even if it means risking his relationship with his wife and daughters.Throughout the novel the author describes the risks he took to complete the missions to sell the herb and to provide for his family even though he was not present most of the time. With the help of many authorities, different partners and various crews, Max/Arthur risked his life, his safety and freedom at any cost.Max and his crew go around the world and allow the reader to enter the dangerous world filled with deceit, intrigue and political treachery. The rescue mission off the coast of Saipan was so clearly and vividly described that the reader could feel the heavy waves and experience the tropical storm along the Max, Captain Kirk, Captain Jimmy and the rest of their crew. As Max became more embroiled in his missions he lost precious time with his daughters.Then there is Minh who risked her life for Max. Her total loyalty, bravery, and undying love for him proved valuable in times of extreme danger and peril. But, there is much more. As Khmer a warlord, CIA operatives, D.E.A. informants and double agents, the U.S. ambassador and so many more, Max learns more than a hard lesson as he is betrayed by those he thought he could trust.As he becomes more involved in a deal with the Ubel brothers and those in Cambodia the author will learn the true meaning behind the word trust. The conspiracy to import more than 12 tons of marijuana from Southeast Asia is foiled by federal agents. Other arrests are made in June in Cambodia and where he and many others wind up is worse than the conditions of any prison you can possibly imagine.

On August 21 of 1998, inside of his prison cell Max learns the truth about who was behind the seizure of the Oktedy and his capture in Cambodia. The worst has yet to come as he spends time in T3 prison lacking, medicine, food, and government help. Allowing the Ubel’s to alter the election in Cambodia and its outcome, Max, his friend Mike (Bird) and others take the fall for these ruthless men. Ridden with bites, emaciated and enraged, Max needed to find a way to survive. Uncovering the truth behind the actions of the Ubels and the part they played with the DEA agents in fixing the election in Cambodia, was quite sobering to say the least.The real con began as Max and his crew went back to Southeast Asia to do another operation without realizing that this would be their downfall. Unraveling the mystery behind Hun Sen’s change of heart, denouncing Max and his men to the media and learning that the U.S. was lining his pockets with American dollars helps you lose faith in more than just the system. Hun Sen won the election in Cambodia by a small margin. The U.S. government wanted to entice him back into the operation allowing them time to set up the sting that would bring down Max.. Why he is imprisoned is dishearten your faith in our government, many agencies and much more. Kidnapped by Khmer soldiers, left to rot in T3 prison in Phnom Penh, and kidnapped after being released by the CIA in front of the U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh, you would think nothing more could happen. What happened in the past will not prepare you for what happens next. Finally released and going to the U.S. Embassy to get his new passport and begin a new life, he is taken into custody and locked up again. Who is behind this you won’t want to believe? The red tape and the entanglements that prolong his freedom will dishearten the reader.Truths will be revealed at the end. Conspiracies, cover-ups within the U.S. government, high officials in all governments involved and innocent victims left in the aftermath. What finally happens will enrage you. Writing three tell all letters to the judge who would finally decide his fate, author Arthur Torsone, allows the reader to learn the truths behind what really happened, who was behind it and to what extent those behind the conspiracy went to use him as a pawn in a deadly and dangerous game of chess. The story tells of the methods used by our government to promote our foreign policies in poor and undeveloped countries in order to inflate their invisible economy with American dollars.“I may have been wrong.....but not quite as wrong as they were,” in the author’s own words.Written in the first person with descriptions of the events that allow the reader to visualize what the author went through, Arthur Torsone’s novel Herb Trader presents an inside look into the treachery, deceit and conspiracies that most people read about in the news but refuse to believe. As I read this novel I could feel the pain in Ahm’s heart, the fear in his daughter’s voices as they spoke on the phone and the disloyalty of those close to him and to whom he trusted his faith.Author Arthur Torsone allows his family and the reader into his mind, his heart and his soul to tell a story that everyone needs to read. Lied to, left to die in a prison and trying to take his own life this thought provoking, heartbreaking true story will shake your inner core and forever change your vision and meaning of the word truth.If you want to understand the world of marijuana distribution and journey into the underworld of moving tons of that herbal plant from one end of the globe to the other, you need to read this personal memoir filled with danger, intricate plots that are foiled and some successful and dangers that many would not survive. Why did this intelligent and smart man decide to become involved in selling the herb: to provide for his family. Why did he feel that this was his only route to success? Many people feel that success is measured by number of zeros in your bank account. I don’t think that is the only reason why the author really embarked in this business. There is much more that the reader does not really know. The truth will haunt you as you enter the prisons along with Max and Bird hoping they finally get the justice they both deserve. How far would you go to provide for your family and give them a better life? A country that is supposed to afford us our freedoms and protect our rights and liberty, Arthur Torsone’s novel paints a very different picture.Well spoken, well liked, admired by the traders, politicians, lawyers and judges that he encountered, our author brings the reader into a world so corrupt, so devious taking you back and forth along with him on this journey to find himself and a place he can call home. I truly hope you found not only a home but happiness and true love too. Down to earth and well written this novel is a definite must read.Fran Lewis: Reviewerhttp://coldcoffee.ning.com/forum/topics/let-the-truth-be-told-herb