review of 66 metres



How far would you go to protect your sister when it’s your fault for getting yourself into a situation that might cost both of your lives? What happens when Nadia Labsheva’s relationship goes south and he older sister, Katya is caught in the crossfire? A man named Kadinsky, dangerous gangster has her as his slave and under his watch. In order for Katya to be free of this monster and the drugs he is feeding her she finds herself in a situation to handle 10 illegal operations for him within five years in order to free her sister. But, will she? If she does will he keep his word that the debt is paid and both will go free? Five years pass and Nadia is on her final mission in London. Her goal to steal the Rose, which is short for Rosetta. This device is a translator that can detect, track and even send commands to any nuclear sub. Scary to say the least. Nadia manages to find and get the Rose but there are others who want it too and her life is in danger as she has to rid herself of this coveted item in order to stay alive.

Jake Saunders comes into her life not realizing that he has his own agenda in mind as he is an ex-M16 intelligence analyst and has been reenlisted to find the Rose against his better judgment. With his handler Sara/Lorne he finds his way into Nadia’s life and bed and uncovers her secret about her sister, The Rose and realizes that her arrest is forthcoming. Double crossed by someone working with her named Janessen, and missing Sammy who was supposed to show up, not knowing he was tortured by a man named Danton and is now dead she has no choice to put join the dives with Jake, Ben, Pete and Elise to hopefully recover the Rose before Katya is tortured and killed. Danton is the CIA agent gone rogue who wants the Rose, Kirwan, a diver explains and recounts the dives and how to execute them. The author vividly describes the dives, the metres and the various depths of the divers and the fact that 66 metres would change it all and possibly cause the diver to suffer oxygen poisoning. Each time she has a problem, Nadia reminds herself of her father who was a killer, how he would handle the situation as well as Jake reminding us of the loss of his son Sean and what his words might be in the same situation. Nadia’s swims away from a downed helicopter in the Thames, escapes spears launched and fired from Navy Seals and manages to handle many dangerous dives and saves Jake while he saves two others. Several voices are heard: Nadia’s and Jakes as they envision their goals, carry out their various missions as Nadia tells it all to him but will that cost her the freedom she vies for and save her sister? The disloyalties run high in this novel and the desire to find The Rose which in the wrong hands can do worldwide damage and more but what will happen if she does not deliver it to Kadinsky within the next 72 hours? Will her sister die? What is happening to her and why does Nadia have to pay such a huge price?

Setting a bomb on Kennedy’s and destroying it and thinking no one will realize it was her leads to why she confesses to Jake gut will he reveal the truth and does he know that she caused the man to lose his business? The scenery is quite amazing and the descriptions of the dives take readers down beneath the surface of the ocean with the divers. There are many players who want the Rose starting with Nadia, Jake and the rogue CIA agent Danton plus another working for a drug cartel family who wants it too. Giving it to the Brits would be dangerous and when Nadia realizes her options and window to get the rose are closing in she also realizes that Kadinsky has her shadowed and followed and that even if she delivers the Rose she and Katya will be killed anyway. So, why not set up her own Plan to play two sides against each other hoping to come out a winner!

Danton is dangerous and the players seem to be aware of each other as someone named Blondie is not thrilled about Jake and Nadia as well as Danton wanting the Rose hoping to take it from Adamson or from Nadia.

So many voices are heard and each one has his/her own agenda in mind and wants to coveted Rose but who will get it and what will be the fate of Nadia who everyone wants dead?

The Rose was stolen and there were so many who were hoping to get their hands on it. 66 Metres police were one thing until the word leaked out about what had really happened and others would be less civilized than the police. The diver would have to go down that deep but what about oxygen poisoning at that depth? Danton and Bill Adamson plus another named Lazarus were part of a rogue network led by this CIA operative. Each one working for someone else and each one wanting the Rose but why and for what purpose? Jake and Nadia seemed to bond and although she wanted him quite a bit she knew she would need to make the Tsuba dive before Kadinsky killer her sister. Kadinsky liked to beat his victims and them bury them alive. The Rose is on the Tsuba and he called Lorne when he returned but whom could she trust and would he always be M16? Learning more about Danton and realizing that M16 had been hacked things had to be shut down until the leaks and holes were stopped up. Thinking about a few sophisticated criminal organizations, and Mafias, none of who would actually use the Rose, except for leverage. Lorne was working with Jake and watched the news and he only wanted to protect Nadia but could he in the end?
If we backtrack from the start we rare minded that a CIA kill was the best guess and of course the hammer that killed Sammy. Added in Janssen tried to double-cross Kadinsky and he was taken out thinking that the Rose is worth twenty million at least if not more? Just who was the buyer? Which nations were interested? What about China, North Korea, Russia and Iran and others who even terrorist organizations? Kadinsky gave her 72 hours and time was not standing still. Even if Danton or Adamson would try to take the Rose from her she realized that she would have to come up with another plan. Finding Bill proved to not be what she expected but Danton was deadly and would kill in cold blood. The dive is exciting, the trip down so deep breath defying and the author’s descriptions puts the reader down those 66 metres with Nadia, Jack, Ben and a case of divers that would kill for what she managed to get. Kadinsky and Danton would kill her on the spot but what the author creates is shock value and the ending is not what you would expect. Some who wanted the Rose will not fair too well while others will double cross Nadia and the ending you won’t see coming. Would Jake help her find the Rose and then would it hand it over to the British authorities? Would her sister die? Would she wind up in prison again? Hitting the dark water, locking eyes with Jake and then heading down into the darkness lit by two cones of light from their lamps. Jake saw the blackness and the Rose just where was it down there? The final scenes you won’t believe as Lazarus learned how to become invisible and the fact that he was dying anyway would he take extra chances? Tanks zipped past, sounding like a torpedo. Legs locked together, holding his breath as the speed of descent pressing his facemask against his forehead and cheeks. Inside Tsuba, his brain not listening like staring at work and not able to comprehend their meaning. Finding two Seals in trouble, shining their torches, fishing out the Rose and hoping not to lose it but pain set in, thinking about Sean his son, and then he tilts his head back and wait until you graphically picture what happens next. Cheng Yi was the buyer, Kadinsky the seller you might say and the fact that someone would own him makes the final outcome even more terrifying. Heavy gunfire, metallic twangs, cover, and blood oozing: Who lives? Who Dies? Who gets the Rose? Who will pay the ultimate price for wanting the coveted price at any cost, as any depth? The ending allows us to know that there will be a sequel and Nadia has more to go and will she be saved? What about her sister? Dives that will take you breath away and lead you to understand that when you dive, when you take that plunge will you too find yourself down by 66 Metres? Author J.F. Kirwan takes us inside the minds of many killers, many different people that will pretend to care, betray, hate, break loyalties and bonds in order to win THE ROSE!

Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ magazine