Six Things All Self-Publishers Should Know 


Kylie Dunn of the Huffington Post explains the six main points of self-publishing

Last year I self-published my first real book - by this I mean a book that I physically launched and is in bookshops and everything. A book I have promoted and sunk time and money into; a book that I’ll be spending the next 18 months focusing on continuing to push out into the world.
I’d played very small with an ebook prior to that experience. But Do Share Inspire was a complete leap in the self-publishing stakes. I’d been researching self-publishing for a while though, so I thought I was prepared for the experience... I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for that experience.

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1. You need a professional editor
2. Done is better than good
3. Writing is the easiest part (well mostly)
4. It’s about the reader, not you!
5. It’s not a short game
6. It’s scary and exciting