The #1 Tool for Selling More Books


Without a doubt the most common complaint I hear from authors is that their book sales are low or non existent.  The answer to more sales is so unbelievably simple that I can't see why more authors haven't figured it out by now.   I hate it when people answer a question with a question but for this one time I will break my own rule.  

Q. Why do movie producers go through the time and expense to show movie trailers? 

A. Competition.  For most of us money is tight and with so many movies to choose from producers realize that a tease or trailer is the best way to get more butts in the seats. 

With the explosion of new e-books and short stories (over a thousand a day) authors need a way to get noticed.  You need a hook.  

Something to grab the readers attention and lure them in.  In our business this is called a Log line.  


LogLine:  How well people describe their story in one line. See if the Synopsis and beginning of your story confirm the logline.


Being a member of Book Town has it's advantages.  To my knowledge Book Town is the first and only author's social site that offers a critique of your log line.  Create your log line and see how effective it is at our brand new Log Line feature hosted by award winning writer and newspaper columnist Mary Deal. 

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