The Accursed Dawn

TITLE: The Accursed Dawn
AUTHOR: Glenn Stuart
COPYRIGHT: 2009, Glenn Stuart
PUBLISHER: Black Leaf Publishing http://www.blackleafpublishing.comApril 19, 2010
FORMAT: Paperback
PAGES: 300
PRICE: $11.86 (US), £8.96 (UK)
ISBN-10: 1907407138
ISBN-13: 9781907407130

Fifteen-year-old Max is moving to an island away from the mainland of England. Max is amazed at what he sees when his family arrives. His new home is a series of large buildings.

Max checks out his bedroom. It’s bigger than his whole apartment was at home! Leaning against a wall he looks around and sees a chest-of-drawers sitting against one of the walls. Max gets a strange feeling that something isn’t right with this place. He looks toward the chest-of- drawers and a drawer slowly opens but there’s no-one there…

While Max is putting his clothes away in the chest-of-drawers, he finds a note and reads it:

My good friend,
‘Now that I have your attention perhaps you would be so good as to lend me your services. We have so much to do; do not waiver. As you discover the truth, do not dismiss, do not shirk. The truth will out. Find the cellar, my good friend, and begin to put things right the wrongs which have been done.’
~ excerpt from The Accursed Dawn.

Who opened the drawer and who wrote this note? No-one has been in his new home except for the caretaker.

Max and his friend, Stan, look for the cellar trying to find out what the note means. Once the cellar is found, Max’s adventure begins. He also starts hearing unseen voices. What are these voices and why are they urging him on?

Max turns to his friends to ask them for help. After all, what are friends for? They suggest going into town and visit the island’s mysterious historian. But why are people on the island dying? It’s up to Max to solve this mystery. Little does he know, this is an adventure of a lifetime. It’s also an adventure he’d rather forget.

This paranormal mystery takes you from the present back to a horrific time in the world’s history. This page turner will have up all night!

The Accursed Dawn is brilliantly written and isn’t just another ghost story. It’s a well written mystery about young love, lost love, lies, deceit and revenge! You’ll definitely have trouble putting this book down.

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