I started writing a few years ago in 2008 so I am relatively new to writing. My story of how I came about to become a writer may be a bit different than some. Iv'e met many accomplished authors along my journey who have helped me alot but I have yet to find a writing group other than Book Town that seems worth checking out.  I have also met a lot of authors who do nothing but try and promote their book which to me seemed a bit strange.  The whole ninety nine cents on Kindle seems really underhanded to me.  Not that a person is trying to sell their book at such a low price but if you think about it it devalues the author and it also brings the worth of all books way down.  So, it becomes a price war.  I think most people are going to buy a book only if they think it's worth reading.  So, for those who sell at ninety nine cents it makes it hard for authors who actually try hard to write a good book.  I would think someone selling a book for this price probably didnt put alot of time and effort into writing their work.  So that's my take.  I honestly like to write especially since meningitis almost took my ability away to do the simplest tasks.  So hopefully someone can see things the way I do on this.  I really would like to find a group that focuses on writing techniques and people who actually want to write well and meet others who feel the same.  So, if anyone knows of a cool writers group, please let me know.