Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? is what I find myself thinking when I expected to click through to a book sales page but end up lost among the many pages of a website I didn’t expect to see.


Many easy to read articles and writing problem solutions like this can be found in my writing reference, Write It Right – Tips for Authors.


A Tip About Promoting


Want to sell more books? This article is meant to offer suggestions to help authors find more viewers and buyers. It’s written mostly from my own frustrating experience as I peruse the Internet looking for authors to interview for my Write Any Genre website. One of the prerequisites for an interview is what the author’s promotions, or lack of it, shows me.


While I look to find authors to interview, what I am seeing are authors who have too little promotion going on. By that, I mean, if a person has one or more books listed on Amazon, then book pages and Bios with a good headshot needs to be completed. Huge amounts of promotional info can be included on an Amazon Author page that will help sell books. The link to add or edit an Author Page can be found at the bottom of the Biography column on the left margin. Click on Learn More at Author Central.


If an author posts (anywhere on the Net) about his or her books, yes, tell some small enticing bit of information, but do not send people to a website when trying to sell books. Provide the URL direct to the Amazon book sales page, or Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc., wherever your primary sales source is located.


When wishing to capture more public interest in your website, then is when you post links to your website.


Unfortunately, I have found that many authors do not promote themselves. They look for others who may promote them and their books. Some authors have only their Amazon Author page but do no other advertising, not even a personal website, thinking that being on Amazon will garner the sales they look for. It doesn’t work that way. If I see a person promoting widely (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and making a gallant effort, even though he or she does not have a personal website, as long as they can show where they are promoting, I want to interview them.




If I see a book I wish to buy, I want to go direct to the sales page. I DO NOT want to go to yet another website and have to look around for a sales link, maybe even switch to another page on that website, in order to find a link to Amazon. See what I mean? - If you're promoting your book to get sales, send viewers to the exact page to buy. If you are promoting your website, only then, send people to your website. Even then, have enough info to hold their interest, not a lot of blank half-filled pages. Promotion means giving the viewer something to feel good about knowing or owning. Something that makes them want to follow your page and keep track of, and be a part of, your writing journey.




If you wish to be interviewed, send me a message with your Amazon Author page, or website URL, and your regular email address so I can send my interview questionnaire. 

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