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Sheila Bright talks to the dead including the ghost of her mother who wants to move to California. Kira Graves can produce money out of thin air. The two of them, Shape Shifters, Pookas, Lost Boys and more all inhabit the Crossroads, where good and evil collide.

When Kira's family and everyone else in their carnival are murdered by unearthly creatures called Grigs, Kira and her constant  companion, Jen, flee toward a half-mythical place of safety called Graves Island, but they fail to reach it when Kira is drawn through the looking glass to another world. The planet of the Creators is swiftly deteriorating from a world of dreams into one of nightmares, and the only way to stop the Empty-Eyed Man from turning the entire universe into chaos is for Kira to destroy the tool he most desires, but what she must sacrifice to do so may be worth more to her than the prize.

Previously by Chandler McGrew, Cold Heart:
"'The best opening 10 pages I've read this year...reads like a good martini tastes: icy cold, with flecks of terror where the ice chips should be." - Contra Costa Times
"'An engrossing reading experience." - Midwest Book Review
"Incredible tension and suspense... get a copy soon." - Mystery News

Night Terror:

"...plays on the primal fears that cause most adults to lose sleep. An author to watch and read." - Denver Post
"In the small-town Maine that Stephen King has made famous, Chandler McGrew sets a new tale of terror." - Forbes Book Club

The Darkening:

"...cleverly written in a spiritual style that calls to mind Dean Koontz's recent (and better) works... an exciting delight - a trip into realms some feared would never be explored again. " - 
" part Rapture drama, one part Lovecraftian horror story, one part blood-soaked chase... a thrilling one-sit read." - Publisher's Weekly

In Shadows:

"Chandler McGrew (is) showing us how to scare the pants off readers with his latest paperback original..." - The Chicago Tribune
"...a born-to-be-a-TV-series story about a 13-year-old blind and deaf boy who can hear evil spirits, and a police officer who gets dragged back from Texas to his Maine roots by a force stronger than life." - Chicago Tribune
"In Shadows is actually a finely woven tale of terror-and one of love as well." - Fangoria

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