“The inspiration for this book is based on three personal experiences, and what might have been. When my wife Nancy and I were newly married, she accompanied me to baseball games. We attended a Florida Marlins - Atlanta Braves game, at what was then Joe Robbie Stadium. We were sitting in the first row of the second deck immediately behind home plate. Nancy was reading a book as she normally does at baseball games, which represents her level of interest in the game itself; when the Marlin batter fouled the ball directly back over the screen in Nancy's direction. I sprung to my feet and caught the ball inches before it hit her in the head. The fans cheered my catch as Nancy sheepishly looked to see what was going on. Had the ball hit her in the head or face, it would have caused serious damage. If Nancy had been hurt, I certainly would have sued the Marlins for not adequately protecting fans, such as Nancy sitting in an area where balls frequently come in to the stands at a high rate of speed, and also Major-League Baseball for not having a policy that would mandating that teams protect their fans. “

Danger at the Ballpark is about the dangers we face as fans every time we walk into the stadium. Herskowitz intertwines different stories of the injuries fans and workers have sustained, how MLB manages to stay out of the courtroom, and the ways we can make the game safer.

To read more excerpts and find out more about Jack Herskowitz you can visit dangerattheballpark.com

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