Excerpt from Black Eagle Force: ISIS

Black Eagle Force: ISIS

Three rounds ripped through the van's roof with a staccato of distinctive whangs. The first shattered the vehicle's overhead dome light, showering Burner with bits of plastic and pot metal before ripping into the front passenger seat's vinyl cover.
"Get down!" Bone yelled as he reached back and slammed Burner's face down between the seats. He moved his upper body over the Secretary's to try to shield him.
Loraine ducked her head instinctively. 
"Shots fired, shots fired!" he yelled into the phone as a string of six other rounds poured though the top of the van, striking both him and Loraine.
The big man called out, "I'm hit!" as four of the rounds ripped into his navy blue suit jacket.
"Ow! Ow!" Loraine reacted as her back and shoulder took two hollowpoints. "They got me too!"
Bone glanced over at her and immediately reacted to the sight of his partner in pain. Adrenaline flowing in his veins, he pushed off on Burner's back and drew his stainless wheelgun from its holster. He pivoted and punched the left side window with the muzzle. 
The effect on the tempered safety glass was immediate and dramatic. The darkened window shattered into thousands of tiny cubes of scintillating black diamonds.
Another half dozen rounds ripped the empty seat behind the passengers, and still more impacted their suitcases in the far back. Carl whipped the steering wheel left and then right, trying to make the shooter miss.
Bone unbuckled his lap belt and shoulder harness, and then leaned out the open window.

Robbie was locked into a rock solid firing position as he sent the twentieth round aimed at the van's driver. He spotted a huge guy moving in the back seat and slid the crosshairs over on him. No way could I have missed anybody in that rattle trap! What? That bastard has a… He pulled the trigger again, but the bolt was locked back on an empty mag. 
The last thing he ever saw in this life was a huge muzzle flash from a .500 Smith and Wesson.

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