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How to promote an ebook?

Hello! I recently completed my sci-fi novel and have published it as an ebook on Amazon.com. I am looking for advice for how best to go about promoting it. I've already posted about my book on the blog I write but didn't know if anyone had other recommendations/suggestions for avenues to pursue.Thank you! 

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1 Reply · Reply by A.R. Grosjean Sep 26, 2019

Killing the lead.

 I love tragedy, one of my favorite movies is Dr. Zhivago. The end with the heart attack is great stuff. So I always want to write a dark tragedy (this is a problem seeing as everyone tells me I'm good at humor) and I find all of my work tends to head toward a main character dying. Now, killing your hero is a tough one, I was once taught that if you are going to kill your main character, you had better make them loved. Another tough thing to do. Harry Potter got good and dark in the end but it…

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Strange metals

Metals are a common item in a good fantasy novel. From iron to gold, to daedric, to mithril, metals pop up all the time and are used in a multitude of ways. Now personally, I lean Dwarven, little b*****d tanks is what they are and Tolkien filling my head with Dwarves fighting dragons, orcs and balrogs was a joy. If you have a metal preference, what is it and why? If you aren't a metal head, then you are probably a stoner or a woody, both of which have their pluses. Which stones or woods float…

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