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Book of the Month

Hi Guys,

There are three of our members who have books up for Book of the Month.  They are:  Bruce Sarte, Velda Brotheron, and James Callan (that's me).  It would be good if we could support one another and vote for one of those three.  Check the rules.  I think you can only vote once, and maybe that means only for one book.  But, let's pull together and put a good mystery in a the March Book of the Month.

Jim Callan


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I think a sub-plot adds to the mystery and I always use one. It makes the story more interesting and makes the reader become more interested in what's going on in the book. 

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Mystery vs. Suspense vs. Thriller

Mystery and suspense are often thrown in together as one genre.  Sometimes, it is even mystery, suspense, and thriller.How / where do you separate those?  Or do you?  Should mystery and suspense be bundled together?  How about mystery, suspense and thriller? Of course, a simple vote is okay. But it would be helpful if we could understand why you chose, or would like to see, a particular grouping.I'll give a few thoughts to get things rolling. In a Mystery, we are trying to find out who the bad…

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4-Book Giveaway

Some lucky person will win two paperbacks and two e-books over at Kings River Life. The books are Dance the dream awake by Cora Ramos;One Minute Gone by David Hansard.E-books areHavana Lost by Libby Fischer Hellmannand Dying for a Daquiri by Cindy Sample.Go to and put “Part 4”in the subject line.Deadline is March 8. Do you have a book coming out and want publicity? Contact me and let me know for my Coming Attractions column.Sunny

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Coming Attractions: Do You Have a Book Coming Out?

In the 2nd installment of the countdown to LCC Calamari Crime, these attending authors are spotlighted in my "Coming Attractions" column over at Kings River Life:Clare O'Donohue's Someday Quilt Mystery "Double Wedding Ring;"Donna Andrews, "The Hen of the Baskervilles;"Victoria Heckman's ancient Hawai'ian novel, "Kapu;"Gigi Pandian's Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery, "Pirate Vishnu;"Annamaria Alfieri's "Blood Tango;"Heather Haven's "Death of a Clown;"Gar Anthony Haywood's "Going Nowhere…

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