Coming Attractions: Do You Have a Book Coming Out?

In the 2nd installment of the countdown to LCC Calamari Crime, these attending authors are spotlighted in my "Coming Attractions" column over at Kings River Life:
Clare O'Donohue's Someday Quilt Mystery "Double Wedding Ring;"
Donna Andrews, "The Hen of the Baskervilles;"
Victoria Heckman's ancient Hawai'ian novel, "Kapu;"
Gigi Pandian's Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery, "Pirate Vishnu;"
Annamaria Alfieri's "Blood Tango;"
Heather Haven's "Death of a Clown;"
Gar Anthony Haywood's "Going Nowhere Fast;"
and David Hansard's "One Minute Gone."  
Give-aways include "Digging Too Deep" by Jill Amadio;
"Art, Wine and Bullets" by Vinnie Hansen;
and "Yip/Tuck" by Sparkle Abby.
You can read about these books in the previous "Coming Attractions": 
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