This group is for those who love Romance novels with a twist in it, be it vampire, werewolf or both-Dhampir.
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This group is becoming highly addictive I must say! I'm enjoying the conversations and I hope you all are too! Please, add a discussion if you want! Something about Paranormal that we haven't touched on and you want to discuss it, post it! Would love to hear what you have to say!

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Romance Novels vs. Paranormal Romance Novels

I got to thinking about the two and if there truly was a difference, enough so that one would be far reaching to the masses than the other.  It is true that they both have the same elements in them, man, woman, an attraction, lust, love...etc.  but if you were to have your choice, which would you pick and why.I, being a writer of paranormal romance like this genre over the regular romance novels.  Yes, I have read them and they are good, but its the danger, the un-humanism shall we say, if…

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Why Choose This Genre?

This genre frightens me. When my son was younger, he and I both saw every Dracula movie made at the time. One day we realized we were both having nightmares and were afraid to tell the other for fear of ruining the other's enjoyment. Neither of us has watched anything like it since. Vampires stories are HOT HOT HOT right now. I'm wondering what causes a writer to write these stories. What is the attraction that pulls them into the world of vampires and such?

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