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  • Anyone here like audio books?
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Help! In need of Inspiration

Hi David, welcome to our group.I've been wanting to throw this out to all of you the last couple of days, but time seemed to constantly get away with me. This is the perfect opportunity to pick all your brains.Right now, I'm having a bit of a struggle with my main character.  She can easily be one of two personalities and both will take the novel into two completely different directions, ending very differently as well.  Inspiration seems to be lacking when it comes to writing her story, she's…

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Graphic Content - How Much is Appropriate?

How does an author comprehend a suitable maximum level for graphic sexual content?  My 2007 Holocaust romance novel was intended for adults, so I included a few scenes with graphic content. My publisher asked me to remove some of it, to make the book more marketable. I relented, with some regret.  About a year later, I learned that the novel was required reading for high school students. That would NOT have occurred without the editing for content.  Had I self-published, with the original…

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