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The Man With The White Handkerchief

Free to Read: The Man with the White Handkerchief - A short story (fewer than 600 words) partook in the Lulu Short Story Contest in 2011. The narrative is about a woman approached by a stranger, asking for directions to a specific street, but she has no recollection as to what took place after that encounter.Amazon: Barnes&Noble:…

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InnocenceElise and Joe broke up. She was a senior and Joe was already three years out of high school. He flirted with me when attending school functions with Elise. The slow way he secretly winked at me made me think he liked me more than her. Classmates saw us flirt too. Some of the girls wondered why he went with Elise when I was much prettier. I didn’t know about that. My friends say he dated her because she puts out. He also dated Shera and Clarissa. The kids in school gossiped, saying that…

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Short Story Ideas

A very strange thing happened to me the other day. I was walking down a path in the woods and an ominous figure stood in the way. As I approached, the figure put its hands on its hips and spoke in a low voice.“I want to speak with you J. Michael Krivyanski”I was hoping it wasn't a representative from the IRS, or one of my wife's relatives. I find one just as unpleasant as the other.“Who are you and what do you want” I yelled.The figure smiled and had a very strange look in its eye. An evil…

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Flash Fiction - Justice

Justice (C) 2012 Victor D. Lopez_______________________________Time: The all too near future Place: A courtroom Setting: Final sentencing for the last remaining capital offense on the books of an apparently kinder, gentler more just world where equality is no longer a mere aspiration._____________________________JUSTICEThe prisoner stared impassively into the camera. The bright lights causing beads of sweat to form above his eyes and forcing him to squint, his perspiration-soaked thinning hair…

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