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BEN Books is excited to announce that Cecilia Laughlin has signed on to narrate Bobby Nash's Earthstrike Agenda audio book for BEN Audio. Coming soon to Audible and Amazon. Learn more about BEN Books and BEN Audio along with purchasing links at


More details to come.


Learn more about Earthstrike Agenda below.




A novel by Bobby Nash








EARTHSTRIKE AGENDA can also be purchased in print and digital editions at the following:

BEN Books estore (paperback)

Amazon (paperback)

Barnes and Noble (paperback)

Mighty Ape NZ (paperback)

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Bookwire (paperback)

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A novel by Bobby Nash




Earth, once barren and decimated by war and the depletion of natural resources has been reborn.


Today, Scavengers prey on small mining towns and colonies. The United Planetary Alliance Marshal's Service seems unable to stop these raids. They are outmanned and outgunned, but is the only law on many colonies.


Newly promoted Captain, Virgina Harmon takes command of her first starship, the Pegasus, the latest ship built to solve the Scavenger problem. Plagued by nervousness over her first command Captain Harmon is rocked by the news of her mentor’s murder.  Just days before he was to report to her aboard the Pegasus as chief of engineering.


In Earth orbit, a science station becomes a target.  An enemy has a plan to use the Space Lab facility as a means to claiming Earth.


In deep space, the United Planetary Alliance city-ship Ulysis welcomes aboard a high-ranking officer with a special mission for the crew.  Those plotting against the Alliance are preparing to make their move and their first target is the Ulysis.


Meanwhile, in the deepest regions of space an enemy has returned.  An enemy seeking vengeance.



Whoever controls Earth ...Wins.


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On the board tonight: Snow Trapped. Running through my suspect notes to make sure I keep the clues coming in correctly. #TheSummerofSnow #SnowBusiness #BENBooks #BobbyNash #amwriting


About Snow Business:

When an actor friend of his dies under mysterious circumstances, Snow enters the world of TV and movies to get some answers and justice for his friend.
Coming soon.



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Okay, let's do this thing. Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 16th at 6 pm EST, I will attempt my first Facebook Live reading and Question and Answer session. I will start off reading the opening chapter to Snow Falls since it's still #TheSummerofSnow around these parts. 

Bring your questions and I will try my best to answer them and be entertaining to boot right here on Facebook Live on my page HERE at

Join me so I'm not there talking to myself.

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Another great Atlanta Comic Convention in the books. #ACC100 Hard to believe it has been 100 cons and ACC shows no signs of slowing down. The day started off pretty busy, then slowed a bit as the pouring ran moved in. As things eased off a bit, weather wise, the crowds returned and it was a rather busy, productive day. I met some new people, including some creators, and saw some friends, who came by to say hello. All in all, a fun day. I always have a fun time at ACC.

I'm looking forward to returning in January 2020.

The only downsides to yesterday's convention day was breaking the 


crown off one of my teeth and still dealing with my sciatica pain. Thankfully, there was no pain with the tooth and I was able to save the crown. Heading to the dentist tomorrow to get it reattached. The hard part will be figuring out how to pay for it. Fun, fun. Today, I revisited the chiropractor to work on my Sciatica issue. I'm much improved over the past few weeks, but walking is still rather painful. Hopefully, it will continue to improve.

Onward and upward.


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Huge thanks to artist Bill Sartain for naming BEN Books author Bobby Nash as the Spotlight Indie Artist of the Week. "I'm honored," says Bobby Nash of the spotlight..



Repost Bill:

Our new Spotlight Indie Artist of the Week is author Bobby Nash. He's a writer of novels, comic books, short stories and screenplays. 


His first comic book came out in 1992, but his first professional break came in 2000. This gave Bobby the inspiration to start writing novels. His first novel was published in 2004 and released in 2005. Shortly after that in 2006 he was hired to write short stories.


Bobby Nash currently has over 100 stories in print including 21 novels/novellas, 47 short stories/anthologies, and 49 comic books/graphic novels. Go to to check out his spectacular collection. I've recently read his book "Snow Falls" and highly recommend it as well. 1f4da


"Thanks again, Bill."


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With one final trigger, the end is here! I posted the finale of my serialized novel, SUICIDE BOMB to patrons tonight, completing this experiment in offering serialized fiction. I hope my patrons enjoyed it. The experiment certainly helped me get this long delayed project finished so, for that alone, I am calling it a success. 

Begins in November!
A new serialized novella (fewer weeks to reach the end), a crime/thriller called "IN THE WIND" begins in November. Want to get in on the ground floor? Subscribe to my exclusive Patreon feed at and help me continue creating amazing stories.

Now that it's completed, SUICIDE BOMB will go into production for a BEN Books release in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audio. More details on that when I have them at , , and

Happy Reading!

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#TheSummerofSnow continues into #TheSeasonofSnow!


When cool, snowy weather hits, enjoy your favorite piping hot refreshment in a hot SNOW mug! We have 7 designs to choose from, or collect them all! TODAY ONLY, we are offering these SNOW MUGS at a special sale rate of 50% off regular price! Yes! Save 50% which is basically buy one, get one free! 


Just use the code FILLERUPZAZZ at the checkout at The Official Bobby Nash/BEN Books Store and you're all set. Links to individual mugs are pasted below.


Snow Mug #1

Learn more about SNOW at

Snow is created and written by Bobby Nash.


Use the code FILLERUPZAZZ at the checkout at The Official Bobby Nash/BEN Books Store and get your favorite mug(s) at HALF PRICE TODAY ONLY! Prices return to normal tomorrow.

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Another satisfied customer...



Another satisfied customer at my on-line store Thanks for the kind words, Robert Krog. I hope you enjoy the book and DVD.

"Among life’s simple pleasures is getting packages in the mail. This illustrated box came from writer, Bobby Nash, who goes above and beyond the call of duty and with style. He also attempted to remedy a bad situation that was no fault of his when the post office lost the first book I ordered from him. But just look at all this! It’s totally worth paying for it twice."

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I was a guest at the first annual Next Chapter - a Books and Author Convention on Saturday, September 7, 2019 in Ringgold, GA. The event ran from 10a.m. - 4p.m. and featured authors of all stripes, an impressive kid's corner, and fun panels. You can find official photos from the event HERE.


I was on these three panels and had fun on each. The panelists were a lot of fun to chat with and the topics were interesting. :

11:00 - You've got the write Stuff, baby! How marvelous stories take form.

1:00 - A Peek Into Publishing

3:00 - Don't Kill My Favorite Character



A big thank you to Kenyon Henry, our host for the event. Kenyon and his team put on a great event and took good care of the guests, including feeding us, which is always a good way to an author's heart.


It was also great seeing friends like Dan Jolley, James Palmer, Ellie Raine, Stephanie Osborn, and more. The event supported local libraries and I am thrilled to say that a couple of my books will now be in Ringgold's library and available for checkout.



On a personal level, my Dad joined me for the day to help watch the table while I did panels. This is the first convention my dad has attended and I think he enjoyed himself. At first, I was afraid he would be bored as this is not really his kind of event, but R.O. is a charming, guy and, in typical fashion, found plenty of people to talk to at the event. I think he enjoyed it. We also had a nice ride up and back, which was fun.


I understand that there will be a Next Chapter Con in 2020. I would definitely love to return for that.






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I did a commission recently featuring headshots of The Avengers for the client's sister. He wanted to give it to her for her birthday. Here's the birthday girl, Shounda, with the finished commission. I'm glad she liked it.

Oh, and Chewie was the envelope art.
I am open for commissions. Just shoot me an email if you're interested. Soon, I will have it so commissions can be ordered through my store.


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We love reader reviews! Big thanks to Michael R. Brown for his kind words and 5 STAR Amazon review of Pulp Adventures magazine #32.

"The latest issue of this magazine of new and old pulp stories. With the previous issue kicking off the fifth year of this revised version, Bold Venture Press put out the new issue of Pulp Adventures, #32 for summer 2019. Under a very nice cover (not by Norman Saunders) taken from a copy of True Detective in 1952, we again get a selection of new and old pulp stories in a variety of genres.

In the area of classic pulp fiction, we get stories from a trio of great pulp authors, whose works are published along with the original interior artwork.

From Charles Boeckman (1908-2015), whom Bold Venture has reprinted a couple of collections of works and has been included in past issues, we get murder mystery detective story, “The Death Dancer.” This appeared in Popular Detective in 1951.

Adventure author Talbot Mundy (1879-1940) gives us “Roman Holiday,” which is a story about Christians and Romans, and gladiator games, set during the reign of Caligula. It appeared in Golden Fleece in 1938, which was a short-lived (eight-issue) pulp devoted to historical adventure. It’s front cover was used as the back cover of this issue.

Sax Rohmer (1883-1953), creator of Fu Manchu, wrote various short stories. So we get “The Pigtail of Hi Wing,” a mystery tale set in Chinatown. It’s from Blue Book in 1916, though am sure it originally appeared in the U.K. first.

We get a variety of New Pulp fiction: air adventure, detective, horror, science fiction, nautical adventures, and more.

Lance Starr is a New Pulp air adventures in the style of Bill Barnes and others. There have been four collections from Airship 27, and Bobby Nash gives us another short story: “The Mystery of Island X!” Here Starr and his crew check out a strange volcanic island and work out its mysteries. This is my first time reading this character, and found it pretty good.

William M. Hope‘s “The Spawn of Lilthu” is a Lovecraftian horror tale set in ancient times.

David Bernard gives us a giant-insect science-fiction tale in “The Wicked Big ‘Monstah Ovah Bawstin’.” Adam Beau McFarlane gives us another Black Island Tavern tale in “Time and Tide.” He last appeared in issue #29.

We get a science-fiction tale, “Stranded at Saturn,” from Jack Halliday. From Robert Walker, we get a different tale about an assassin in “A Snitch in Time.”

As always, it’s a great issue and I look forward to the next issue. Bold Venture has been doing a good job of getting them out on a quarterly basis, and we are promised the fall issue in October.

Learn more about Pulp Adventures 32 at


A pulp adventure magazine

New Pulp superstar character Lance Star: Sky Ranger flies again in Bold Venture Press' Pulp Adventures #32.



Nine stories of mystery, science fiction, horror — new and classic pulp fiction!Audrey Parente, editorClassic Pulp Fiction — "The Death Dancer" by Charles Boeckman: The “Atomic Goddess of Beauty” sees a strange case of murder explode!; "Roman Holiday" by Talbot Mundy: A tale of Christians and Romans — and Lions — in the reign of mad Caligula; "The Pigtail of Hi Wing Ho" by Sax Rohmer: Mystery in Chinatown ...New Pulp Fiction — The Mystery of Island X! by Bobby NashLance Star and his scrappy crew investigate mysterious goings-on on an island — only to discover the island IS the mystery!; "The Spawn of Lilthu" by William M. Hope: The “Welcome” mat was Thurl’s invitation to a hellish fate; "The Wicked Big ‘Monstah Ovah Bawstin’" by David Bernard: An FBI agent generates buzz with his biggest case; "Time and Tide" by Adam Beau McFarlane: The Black Island Tavern plays host to a sailor like no other; "Stranded At Saturn" by Jack Halliday: He dreamt of reaching the stars … until he crash-landed …; "A Snitch in Time" by Robert W. Walker: First-class seats for murder … 132 pages. Edited by Audrey Parente. Published by Bold Venture Press


About Lance Star: Sky Ranger  - The Mystery of Island X by Bobby Nash:

Lance Star and the Sky Rangers search for a missing plane and the deadly cargo aboard. What they find is a strange island that should not exist, a mystery that begs to be solved, and a countdown to doom. It’s the Sky Rangers strangest adventure yet.



PULP ADVENTURES #32 can be purchased at the following:

Pulp Adventures #32 can be purchased at the following:

Bold Venture Press (paperback)

Amazon US (paperback)

Walmart (paperback)

Amazon CA (paperback)

Amazon UK (paperback)

Walmart (paperback)

Bold Venture Press (ebook)

Barnes and Noble (ebook)

Amazon US (ebook)

Amazon UK (ebook)

Amazon CA (ebook)

Smashwords (ebook)

Amazon MX (ebook)

Amazon IT (ebook)

Barnes and Noble (ebook)


Published by Bold Venture Press HERE.


Learn more about Lance Star: Sky Ranger HERE and read Lance Star: Sky Ranger's adventures from the beginning, published by Airship 27 Productions and BEN Books. Find links and details HERE.

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Join me this weekend for an amazing Labor Day weekend in Atlanta as DRAGON CON returns to town I will be at table 331 in the Comics and Pop Artist Alley located in America's Mart Bldg. 2, 4th Floor. Please stop by and say hello.
For a full list of my panels, maps, etc, check out my convention page at or I hope to see you there! 
If you see me wandering by, please, say hi.
My panel schedule:


The Horror of Scooby Doo - Scooby Doo, Where Are You! premiered in 1969 and has been a favorite of young (and young at heart) horror fans ever since. Sat 1:00 pm Peachtree 1-2 - Westin (Length: 1 Hour) Panelists: Thomas Mariani, Bill Mulligan, Dave West, Cherie Priest, Gail Z. Martin, Bobby Nash


Van Allen Plexico, the Fan, the Man, the Work  Van Allen Plexico has made a name for himself in the new pulp movement & in the world of superhero novels. We discuss with him how he got there & express appreciation of all he's done. Sat 8:30 pm Location: Embassy AB - Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour) Panelists: Van Allen Plexico, Bobby Nash, James Palmer


The Weird Wild West in Fiction and Media - Be it shows like Frontier, Godless or Deadwood, or in books, video games and RPGs, we have a love for the frontier and the supernatural. Our panel of fans and authors will discuss the not-quite-Western genre and the historic fiction of the untamed West - warts and all. Sun 11:30 am Location: Augusta - Sheraton (Length: 1 Hour) Panelists: Gail Z. Martin, Bobby Nash, Tamsin L. Silver, Quincy J Allen, Misty Massey


V-Wars - Jonathan Maberry is joined by a roundtable of contributors to talk about the V-Wars universe. Sun 04:00 pm Location: Peachtree 1-2 - Westin (Length: 1 Hour) Panelists: Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Bobby Nash
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Great news! Copies of my new novel, Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity from Pro Se Productions have arrived. 


That means I will have 20 copies on hand this weekend at DragonCon in Atlanta for only $10 each. If you want one, please stop by my table (331) in Comic & Pop Artist Alley in America's Mart Bldg. 2, 4th floor. 


The books look great and I am thrilled to be part of Nightveil history now. 


#Nightveil #DragonCon


Learn more about Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity below.


New Pulp publisher, Pro Se Productions has announced the release of my novel, Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity. This is definitely a dream come true project for me. I have loved the character of Nightveil since I first read her adventures in ACComics back in the late 1980's in high school (yeah. I 'm old). I remember saying that I wanted to write this character one day. Well, it took a little over 30 years, but it finally happened and I'm thrilled.


Huge thanks to Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Productions for helping make this dream a reality. I’d also like to thank Bill Black and AC Comics for allowing me to play with their amazing characters in this novel. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.



Placeholder. Not actual back cover.

Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity is now available for purchase at the following:

AmazonUS (paperback)

AmazonUK (paperback)

AmazonCA (paperback)

AmazonUS (ebook)

AmazonCA (ebook)

AmazonUK (ebook) 

More to follow.




Press Release:






Pro Se Productions proudly presents its second digest novel in its AC COMICS imprint featuring characters licensed from one of the best known independent comic companies in history, known for FEMFORCE, CAPTAIN PARAGON, and a whole cast of other characters.  Award winning author Bobby Nash fulfills a long time dream of his own with NIGHTVEIL: CRISIS AT THE CROSSROADS OF INFINITY, now available in print and digital formats.


At the edge of infinity, chaos reigns. A powerful enemy seeks to destroy the barrier that guards the Crossroads of Infinity, the mystical vortex at the center of the multiverse. One hero continues to thwart this sinister scheme time and time again, the mystical maid of might known as Nightveil. Undeterred, the villain is determined to complete her task, even if she has to kill the Nightveil of every single divergent dimension to do it. Get ready for a crisis that could bring about the end of not only Nightveil, but the multiverse as we know it in award winning author Bobby Nash's 'NIGHTVEIL: CRISIS AT THE CROSSROADS OF INFINITY, featuring characters created by and licensed from AC Comics.


Featuring an excellent cover by AC Comics’ own legendary Bill Black, and print formatting and cover design by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, NIGHTVEIL: CRISIS AT THE CROSSROADS OF INFINITY is available in print for $9.99.


This supernatural cosmic actioner is also available as an eBook formatted by Lo Iacono and Marina for the Kindle for only $2.99. The book is also available to Kindle Unlimited members for FREE.



Future AC COMICS titles from Pro Se Productions include a DARKSHADE digest novel by award winning author Gary Phillips, a NIGHTVEIL digest novel crossing over with award winning author Barry Reese's REESE UNLIMITED Universe, and Volume One of FEMFORCE CLOSE-UP, an anthology.


For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies for review, email


To experience NIGHTVEIL and other AC characters in their comic adventures, check out


To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at


Read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Published by Pro Se Productions.

Officially licensed from AC Comics.


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#THESUMMEROFSNOW takes to the air! Paul Bishop Presents… Disorderly Conduct: Another Ten Tales of Murder and Mayhem features a new SNOW short story called Snow Flies by Bobby Nash. BEN Books’ award-nominated SNOW visits Wolfpack Publishing’s Paul Bishop Presents… crime anthology series for a one shot crime thriller.

About Snow Flies: Snow goes undercover and takes to the air when a pilot friend of his goes missing. The trail leads him to a casino, smugglers, and danger. Can Snow disrupt the smuggling operation and save his friend and their unexpected passengers before they’re shot down?





Paul Bishop Presents…Disorderly Conduct: Another Ten Tales of Murder and Mayhem Disorderly conduct is the gateway drug to crime. It’s not far from here to yonder—disorderly to uncooperative to resisting, then on to physical assault, assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, to wanted dead or alive. Disorderly conduct is the rabbit hole of violence. It’s the writing on the wall and it’s the spark of ideas for crime writers everywhere.

In Disorderly Conduct, bestselling author and crime fiction maven Paul Bishop has once again locked up the criminally minded among us—Not those who would actually do the crime (most of us couldn’t do the time), but brilliant purveyors of criminal visions. Enjoy these ten tales of murder and mayhem and may the words spur your own inner world of imagination.


Stories by Paul Bishop, O’Neil De Noux, Wayne D. Dundee, Brian Drake, Mike A. Baron, James Hopwood, Bill Craig, Bobby Nash, Jean Rabe, and Nicholas Cain.

Learn more about Paul Bishop Presents…Disorderly Conduct: Another Ten Tales of Murder and Mayhem HERE.


Paul Bishop Presents…Disorderly Conduct: Another Ten Tales of Murder and Mayhem is available in paperback and ebook format at the following:

Amazon US (paperback)

Amazon UK (paperback)

Amazon CA (paperback)

Amazon US (ebook)

Amazon CA (ebook)

Amazon UK (ebook)

Learn more about Paul Bishop at

Learn more about Wolfpack Publishing at

Learn more about Bobby Nash at

Learn more about SNOW at (Snow tab)

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Big thanks to Rik Offenberger and First Comics News for their continued support and sharing of my work. It is appreciated. Check out this new interview where Rik and I talk about my latest release, Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity at and why you should pick up a copy. You can find the Direct link to the interview HERE.

Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity is on sale in paperback and email from these fine retailers:
AmazonUS (paperback)
AmazonUK (paperback)
AmazonCA (paperback)AmazonUS (ebook)
AmazonCA (ebook)
AmazonUK (ebook) 

Read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


Published by Pro Se Productions.

Officially licensed from AC Comics.

Thanks again, Rik!





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