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  • 99 CENTS till 2/16 Amazon bestseller. Review by aci: High praise for the author, I will never forget this story. The theories and mysticism are alive from the Ancient world blending seamlessly into today's age. Extremely well written and correct.       3392665514?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • FREE till 2/16 Award winner. Write It Right – Tips for Authors. It's brilliant. Most helpful. It should be required reading for all writers... by Viv Sang

  • My book, Sea Cliff, has been nominated for Book Cover of the Month on It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to vote. Just click the link, and click on Vote.


  • FREE till 2/02 Memories of childhood abuse keep reclusive Rachael Connor from allowing a man into her life. Meeting Matthew Knight, who’s looking for love, turns her world upside-down. A powerful story of transcendence from the effects of child abuse and fear of men to finding love.

  • MY WIP is with my publisher. 1st is River Bones, 2nd is The Howling Cliffs. 3rd is WIP - TITLE to be released when contract signed. Then a Cover Reveal. 3777789663?profile=RESIZE_930x3777790539?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • FREE till 1/16 An author who can write across multiple genres and make it seem like an incredibly easy task. Mary Deal is one of those not-so-frequent-few who can deliver romance, mystery, thriller, historical, and contemporary throughout a wide variety of settings. Review by L Carmichael

  • The Third book in my Sara Mason Mysteries will be published in January or February 2020. But have you read the first two books in the Sara Mason Mystery series? In River Bones, the 1st story, Sara is stalked by and helps catch a serial killer in California’s Sacramento River Delta. Her love interest, Huxley Keane, searches for his MIA brother.

    The 2nd story, The Howling Cliffs, begins deep in the Vietnam jungle where Sara, Huxley and the veteran search team scour the area for remains of MIAs. Later, Sara goes on to solve a missing child cold case on Kauai in Hawaii. It almost costs her life.

    In the third story (title soon to be revealed), Sara and Huxley need to find a person associated with a key found in the jungle, to confirm it belonged to Huxley’s missing brother. The key takes them on a harrowing search right there in Honolulu, Hawaii. – This is my Amazon Author page link for those who need to catch up.…
  • F*R*E*E till 11/29 Amazon bestseller. Mary Deal can take her place alongside Tami Hoag as an Alpha Tier One mystery writer with an occasional flair of Hitchcock. Review by bestselling author, Ken Farmer. Now in Audio, eBook and paperback.

  • 99 CENTS till 11/27 Award Winner. The human mind is capable of miracles. Maybe they only seem like miracles because, for so long, powers of the human mind have been denied.

  • A Quick Sale - 3399541804?profile=RESIZE_710x99 CENTS till 11/10 A writing reference with not only instructions but examples of problems and solutions as well. Tips & examples for both fiction and nonfiction. Poetry too. Polish your prose!

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