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  • 99 CENTS TILL 7/16 - FINALIST–2019 National Indie Excellence Awards. Memories of childhood abuse keep reclusive Rachael Connor from allowing a man into her life, until she meets the very eligible Matthew Knight who’s looking for love.
  • 99 CENTS TILL 7/11 So much variety in the stories: some are snippets of fleeting thought, a sentence or two long; others are luxurious in detail and rich in imagery. Her writing is expert, captivating and technically flawless. Review by bjonsmom on Amazon

  • 99 CENTS TILL 7-09 Award-winning Amazon bestseller. Sequel to the Amazon bestseller River Bones. After participating in a search for MIAs in Vietnam, Sara nearly loses her life investigating a missing child cold case in Hawaii.

  • FREE TILL 7/07. An author who can write across multiple genres and make it seem like an incredibly easy task. Mary Deal is one of those not-so-frequent-few who can deliver romance, mystery, thriller, historical, and contemporary throughout a wide variety of settings. Review by L Carmichael

  • Write It Right-Tips for Authors REVIEW THE BOOK on Amazon by 7/15/19 for a chance to win a BIG Paperback copy. It’s a 502 page volume of writing tips with myriad examples of problems and solutions. Notify me to verify your review.

  • PRE-ORDER. Write It Right-Tips for Authors. Release date 6/15/19


    TWEET THIS on Twitter for a chance to WIN a paperback when it’s published. @Mary_Deal

    REVIEW THE BOOK on Amazon by 7-15-19 for a chance to win the big Paperback copy. Notify me to verify your review.

  • ANOTHER AWARD! My contemporary romance novel, Sea Cliff, just placed as a Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards (NIEA).
    A powerful story of transcendence from effects of child abuse and fear of men to finally falling in love.

  • 99 CENTS TODAY Amazon bestseller Deal can take her place alongside Tami Hoag as an Alpha Tier One mystery writer with an occasional flair of Hitchcock. Review by bestselling author, Ken Farmer.2652070144?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • Price problem ha been corrected.

    1021449918?profile=RESIZE_710x99 CENTS TILL 5/23 The human mind is capable of #miracles. Maybe they only seem like miracles because for so long powers of the human mind have been denied. #hypnosis #meditation #psychology #creativiapub #nextchapterpub

  • I WON !! My thriller, Down to the Needle, won the Suspense category in the mega-2019 Next Generation 1322540919?profile=RESIZE_710xIndie Book Awards.
    WINNER ($100 PRIZE):
    Down to the Needle, by Mary Deal (
    Dark Rhapsody, by Helaine Mario (Oceanview Publishing)
    Front Line, by Jessica James (Patriot Press)
    In Servitude, by Heleen Kist (Pollok Glen Publishing)
    Termination of Benefits, by Jane Sloven (Maine Authors Publishing)
    The Stars of Locust Ridge, by Craig Moody (Vivid Imagery Publishing)
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