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  • 99 CENTS TILL 10/20 As a lover of short stories, I am thrilled with Mary Deal's "Off Center in the Attic"! Not only is she a truly awesome writer, she also has an awesome imagination. Some of her stories are scary, some are funny, one is only two sentences long ... what a brain! Thanks for taking me to places far away, showing me people I'd never meet, and tickling my fancy on every page. I highly recommend this fascinating glimpse into mind-blowing wonder. Review by Just Judi

  • 99 CENTS TILL 10/17 Amazon bestseller. The Howling Cliffs – Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two. After participating with Huxley in a search in Vietnam for his brother’s remains, and finding some meager remnants, Huxley returns to the States to get them identified. Sara remains in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and nearly loses her life investigating a missing child cold case. Then, finally, the MIA remains are identified.

  • 99 CENTS TILL 10/12 Deal is a skilled wordsmith equally adept at portraying hair-raising action, painting beautiful land and seascapes, and constructing intricate characters with complex motivations, relationships, and human foibles. Review by Joseph Ferguson

  • 99 CENTS TILL 9/25 Amazon Bestseller - WINNER 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.
    *Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant... by Pete Adams
    *A magnificent and tight, gripping thriller that leaves you gasping for breath and shaking your head. Review by Mark Carnelley.

    *A child is kidnapped from Kindergarten. Abi Fisher spends 23 years looking for her daughter. Then she hears of a young woman on death row that is her daughter’s age, most likely innocent, yet nearing a date for lethal injection.

  • Amazon bestseller. Mary Deal can take her place alongside Tami Hoag as an Alpha Tier One mystery writer with an occasional flair of Hitchcock. Review by bestselling author, Ken Farmer. Now in Audio, eBook and paperback.

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  • My award-winning thriller, River Bones,takes place in the Sacramento Delta where I grew up. Check out all the great pictures.


     And to think - I'm going back there on the 25th for a week or so. Oh, and the book is available here:

    Understanding California's Bay Delta in 63 Photos
    NorCa thinks SoCal wants to drain it dry. SoCal doesn't even know where it is.
  • FINALIST - 2019 National Indie Excellence Awards. A powerful story of transcendence from effects of child abuse and fear of men to finding love. Contemporary romance set in San Francisco.

  • 99 CENT eBook TILL 8/25 Amazon bestseller. Mary Deal can take her place alongside Tami Hoag as an Alpha Tier One mystery writer with an occasional flair of Hitchcock. Review by bestselling author, Ken Farmer.

  • 5 Star Pete Adams rated it it was amazing  ·  (Posted on Goodreads)3439669735?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant

    Where do I start? I loved this book, and yet it caused me so much heartache and worry. I am a slow reader, but I take all of it in. I live it. 
    I felt the pain and suffering of a mother who endured the anguish of losing her daughter aged 5; abducted by her estranged husband, never to be found. Was she still alive? And then, a death row woman, the same age as her daughter, displays characteristics that suggest she could be the long lost daughter.
    What follows is a roller coaster ride of emotions that involve proving if the woman is her daughter, and then to prove her innocent of the crime. A switchback of narrative twists, hope, despair, misery… so well written. It has taken me some time to recover – I was exhausted after this read.
    I will say no more for fear of spoilers – but – read this book – you will not regret it. I have already bought another of Deal’s books.

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