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  • The Ka - a paranormal Egyptian suspense is a #1 Bestseller in Canada.

  • 99 CENTS till 7/04. Amazon Bestseller. WINNER 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant... by Pete Adams. A child is kidnapped from Kindergarten. Abi Fisher spends 23 years looking for her daughter. Then she hears of a young woman on death row that is her daughter’s age, most likely innocent, yet nearing a date for lethal injection.


  • Just received this 5-Star review for my short story collection, Off Center in the Attic, from Reader's Favorite.
    Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite
    A wonderful collection of short vignettes comprises Off Center In The Attic: Over the Top Stories written by Mary Deal. Many of the stories detail true-to-life incidences, while others are “flights of fancy into other realms.” There is a large range of scenarios – from a brief out of body experience, to an adolescent girl who was saved from possible devastation by a ten o’clock curfew, to the appearance of a gaunt, scary-looking man at a funeral. Several stories occur in Hawaii, illustrating the author’s familiarity with its people, landscapes, and culture. A few others take place in a northern California setting. The author also demonstrates an appreciation and love for the arts, as well as exploring the areas of spirituality and mysticism.
    One of the best aspects of this collection is the great variety of works; it feels as if several authors contributed to this book, not just one. The reader experiences a wide range of emotions while reading these stories – from joy to disgust to anger to wonderment. While the book can be a quick read, it is best enjoyed when savored, enabling the reader to consider some underlying messages. The true craft of creative, inventive writing is on full display. Author Mary Deal has skillfully scripted a thought-provoking, imaginative collection of short stories in Off Center In The Attic. At the end of the book, she shares how her writings over the years culminated in this fanciful collection. This is a book that can be revisited many times – enjoy!6377568062?profile=RESIZE_930x
  • FREE Audiobook Codes for Down to the Needle, my 2019 WINNER Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Amazon Bestseller. Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant... by Pete Adams. These will go fast. PM me for Code. State whether US or UK.6058061882?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • River Bones - Sara Mason Mysteries Book One is still FREE TILL 6/01. It's the 1st story in this series. Soon the 2nd story, The Howling Cliffs, should be free. Then the 3rd story, Dead to Life is soon to be published. Here's your chance to get in at the beginning of the series.

  • I am offering a monthly eBook contest. Check it oiut here:

    Contest – Win Two eBooks! Monthly Winners
    Competitions and writing contests are great fun. They are also rewarding for the winners. We will be sponsoring contests from time to time. This is o…
  • Award winner. Memories of childhood abuse keep reclusive Rachael Connor from allowing a man into her life. Meeting Matthew Knight, whose looking for love, turns her world upside-down. A powerful story of transcendence from a fear of men to finding love.



    Large Print:


  • Award winner. Write It Right – Tips for Authors. It's brilliant. Most helpful. It should be required reading for all writers... by Viv Sang

  • 99 CENTS till 4/23 Award winning Amazon bestseller. Sara stood, stark naked, on the steep cliffside in the pouring rain. “I’m alive!” Being attacked and pushed over the edge hadn’t killed her.

  • 99 CENTS till 4-16 Mary Deal is a skilled wordsmith equally adept at portraying hair-raising action, painting beautiful land and seascapes, and constructing intricate characters with complex motivations, relationships, and human foibles. By Joseph Ferguson

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