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     Dead to Life – Sara Mason Mysteries Book Three. - Tracing Emma proves to be a perilous escapade. She doesn’t wish to be found. Emma’s corrupt history is revealed. She’s now streetwise, involved in drugs and human trafficking. She attempts to stop Sara and Huxley whose very lives are threatened. In separate incidences, both Sara and Huxley are left to die of their wounds. But Sara and Huxley are resilient and save themselves. When Emma is caught, horrifying truths about the woman send their sensibilities reeling.



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  • 5482683277?profile=RESIZE_930xSynopses for the three books in my award-winning bestselling Sara Mason Mysteries all on one page.

    The Sara Mason Mysteries Trilogy
    Three thriller stories in the Sara Mason Mysteries.
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  • READ a full exciting Chapter from Dead to Life, as Sara Mason struggles to save her life.

    Excerpt from Dead to Life – Sara Mason Mysteries Book Three – Write Any Genre
  • A 5-Star review for Dead to Life - Sara Mason Mysteries Book Three.
    L. Carmichael
    5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing End to the Trilogy
    Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2020
    The third book in Mary Deal’s Sara Mason Mysteries, Dead to Life, is a perfect culmination for the trilogy. By combining themes, stories, and characters, we close the circle on several intermingling plots and receive a wonderful tribute to their lives.
    Sara Mason is a lively, realistic, and memorable protagonist. I’d love to meet her in person. She’d save your bum and tell you how to be a nicer person — without it coming across as mothering or adversarial. The woman does so much for others, it hurts when I see her fall prey or become a victim. As expected, she rises from the turmoil and finds the true culprit, not something every person is capable of doing after living through a tragedy. Her relationship with Hux is one that clearly shows the lengths a person will go to for the partner they love.
    I thought I’d figured out this mystery… and to a degree, I did predict some of the basics but not everything. The amazing twist near the end had me smacking myself for missing something essential the whole length of this intricate story. What a great way to tie everything together! As always, Deal’s plots are strong. Her characters methodically tackle all the key steps in their investigations, even if it means getting down into the nitty-gritty of all the minor clues. Some turn out to be nothing. Others lead them astray. It’s a nicely woven web that allows readers to feel part of the story, rather than just listening to someone’s view of which clues we should care about.
    Deal’s visceral and intimate knowledge of all the picturesque settings is an added boost to an already well-crafted novel. During the course of the vibrant pages, the story spans from California to Hawaii and back again. We see what happened years ago and how it’s culminated into a bigger problem today than it once was. Clues are poignant and difficult to swallow, a little heavy for the heart to handle at times, but we trod along, hopeful there is something to change the course for Hux on his search to find his missing brother. We know in our hearts he died in Vietnam. We simply want confirmation of where and when, as all we have is the location of a special key… a key that might prove we know his last location. If only the woman he loved can confirm the details and provide the explanation they seek.
    Deal is a talented writer who presents vivid imagery and delivers clever dialog. I highly recommend this series because it has a little bit of everything for every type of reader. I suggest starting with the first book and making your way to this third one; it’ll feel so much more like a beautiful and suspenseful saga… one you cannot put down.7151623878?profile=RESIZE_930x
  • 99 CENTS till 7/22 Mary Deal is a skilled wordsmith equally adept at portraying hair-raising action, painting beautiful land and seascapes, and constructing intricate characters with complex motivations, relationships, and human foibles. By Joseph Ferguson



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  • This is the 1896 Queen Anne Victorian house featured in River Bones - Sara Mason Mysteries Book One. Actually it's included in all her stories. I purchased the right to use this image. I also got the floor plans in the package I purchased, so that I could make sure my descriptions were correct and the characters were in their proper places inside the house.
  • Down to the Needle - a Psychological thriller, just made Amazon Bestseller in Two categories in Germany!!!6706249489?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • The Ka - a paranormal Egyptian suspense is a #1 Bestseller in Canada.

  • 99 CENTS till 7/04. Amazon Bestseller. WINNER 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant... by Pete Adams. A child is kidnapped from Kindergarten. Abi Fisher spends 23 years looking for her daughter. Then she hears of a young woman on death row that is her daughter’s age, most likely innocent, yet nearing a date for lethal injection.


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