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  • FREE till 1/23 An author who can write across multiple genres and make it seem like an incredibly easy task. Mary Deal is one of those not-so-frequent-few who can deliver romance, mystery, thriller, historical, and contemporary throughout a wide variety of settings. Review by L Carmichael


  • 99 CENTS till 1/23 The Howling Cliffs – Sara Mason Mysteries Book Two. Award-winning Amazon Bestseller. The suspense grows as you keep trying to flip the pages faster. Then a horrific accident happens and the neighbor’s [forensic] dog insists there is another body buried. Review by Mari Collier


  • Free US & UK Audible Codes for Dead to Life-Sara Mason Mysteries Book 3. Send email stating US or UK.

  • FREE till 1/04 - Amazon Bestseller. WINNER 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant... Review by Pete Adams. A child is kidnapped from Kindergarten. Abi Fisher spends 23 years looking for her daughter. Then she hears of a young woman on death row that is her daughter’s age, most likely innocent, yet nearing a date for lethal injection.


  • Read my latest interview with author Philip Neale. You can apply for an interview and promote your books too.

    Philip Neale
    Philip Neale and I met some time ago. I interviewed this interesting author on my former website and wanted to bring him over to this one. Please, in…
  • 99 CENTS till 12/10. Award-winner. Most every human mind, except brain damaged in some way, is capable of learning self-hypnosis and/or meditation. Use these techniques to train your mind & get what you want out of life. Haven’t you waited long enough to have the life you want to live?

  • 99 CENTS till 11/16. This [Award-Winning] collection of essays is up there with some of the really great books on writing. Writing is one of those things no one ever stops learning how to do, and the tips contained in Write It Right cover pretty much every aspect. You can either read it from start to finish or jump around, using it as a resource to turn to when needed, but either way this book belongs on the shelf of every aspiring and established author. Review by Justice Slade

  • Read a new interview on my website, Write Any Genre. Ken Farmer was a lifetime actor turned author. He writers historical westerns and also has his Black Eagle Force series.

    Ken Farmer
    Here’s a lifetime actor turned author. And what a history he has. We met online and I immediately got so caught up in his books that I have read all…
  • FREE till 11/02 Award winner. Matthew, looking for love, turns reclusive Rachael's world upside-down, then she walks away. What did he do to cause Rachael to turn from him and never look back? “A tour de force from Mary Deal.” Review by Berk Rourke
  • Why Am I Here? - A new article about authors getting interviewed is now posted on my website.

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