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  • 99 CENTS till 10/05 - Amazon Bestseller. WINNER 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Exquisite, heart pumping, extraordinary torture – brilliant... Review by Pete Adams. A child is kidnapped from kindergarten. Abi Fisher spends 23 years looking for her daughter. Then she hears of a young woman on death row that is her daughter’s age, most likely innocent, yet nearing a date for lethal injection.


  • 99 CENTS till 9/26. So much variety in the stories: some are snippets of fleeting thought, a sentence or two long; others are luxurious in detail and rich in imagery. Her writing is expert, captivating and technically flawless. Review by bjonsmom on Amazon

  • 99 CENTS till 9/10. Award-winner. Most every human mind, except brain damaged in some way, is capable of learning self-hypnosis and/or meditation. Use these techniques to train your mind & get what you want out of life. Haven’t you waited long enough to have the life you want to live?

  • Want to read more than just the little snippet of a book on Amazon? Viewers can now read the 1st three exciting chapters of Dead to Life - Sara Mason Mysteries Book 3 on my publishers website: 

    Dead To Life — Next Chapter
    Dead To Life - book excerpt Chapter 1 Death threats and attempts on her life were not something Sara Mason anticipated when charging into her new c…
  • WON THE GOLD! Suspense category, 2021 Global eBook Awards. Dead to Life – Sara Mason Mysteries Book Three. - Tracing sweet Emma proves to be a perilous escapade. She doesn’t wish to be found. Emma’s corrupt history is revealed. She’s now streetwise, involved in drugs and human trafficking. She attempts to stop Sara and Huxley whose very lives are threatened. In separate incidences, both Sara and Huxley are left to die of their wounds. But Sara and Huxley are resilient and save themselves. When Emma is caught, horrifying truths about the woman send their sensibilities reeling.

    Now in multiple print editions.



    Hard Cover:

    Large Print:

    Pocket Book Edition:

    Trade Edition Paperback:

    Clear Print Edition Paperback:

    The Series:

  • Yes! Another of my books, The Ka, was recently featured in a top genre list on my publisher's new blog:
    Best Time Travel Novels [March 2021] — Next Chapter
    The best time travel novels from Next Chapter [March 2021] Popularized by H.G. Wells’s classic The Time Machine in 1985, time travel fiction is a su…
  • How exciting! River Bones - Sara Mason Mysteries Book 1 was recently
    featured in a top genre list on my publisher's new blog:
    Best Kindle Unlimited Mystery Books [March 2021] — Next Chapter
    The best Kindle Unlimited mystery books from Next Chapter [March 2021] Looking for a riveting mystery to read during the times of social distancing?…
  • I've just interviewed author Sandra J. Jackson on my website. Why not apply for your interview too? It's free promo.

    Sandra J. Jackson
    The four books in Sandra Jackson’s series are unique. I have read and reviewed them all. As far as her gardening, I wish we lived closer to share ide…
  • 99 CENTS till 3/12 Award-winning Amazon bestseller. Mary Deal can take her place alongside Tami Hoag as an Alpha Tier One mystery writer with an occasional flair of Hitchcock. Review by bestselling author, Ken Farmer.

  • 99 CENTS till 3/10. Award-winner. A natural way to find your unique talents. Change your way of thinking to attract success. Use the easy steps in this book to help you access your deeper mind and reset your intentions and beliefs.

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