Bobby Nash posted a status
Aug 7
I am starting to come to the conclusion that I will not have Snow Business ready and on sale at Dragon Con as originally planned. Bummer. It'll probably be September now. #TheSummerofSnow

Here's a little taste of today's work on Snow Business, the 5th book in the Abraham Snow series:
Identifying the remains of a loved one was never easy.

Even when you know it's coming, a long illness or debilitating disease, seeing someone you care about lying on that cold, stainless steel slab, naked save for a sheet and a toe tag is tough.

When it's unexpected, it's worse.

Abraham Snow had seen his share of dead bodies over the years. He had also been responsible for putting bodies in the morgue, a hard to avoid circumstance, given the career choice he made when he was a younger, angrier man.

He was still angry, or so others kept reminding him.

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