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Oct 9, 2019
Catching Meara by Christine Young is a paranormal romance/suspense book that is well-written. Jace McKenna, an FBI agent was born a shapeshifter. His mother was a Native American, Apache, and his father was a white Anglo Saxon--Scottish. His village was in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico and isolated--far away from everything modern and everyone who could harm them. His human form shapeshifted into a black jaguar.
Meara Thorton was arrested by the FBI in an ancient city in the Sierra Madre Mountains between the Texas and Mexico border in a computer lab. Meara is one of the top three hackers in the world. She had hacked into a top-secret communication between the Russians and the United States. The FBI offers Meara two choices: take a job working with FBI profilers of mass murderers or spend time in a federal prison. She accepts the former offer.
The fast-paced story is mixed with romantic/sexual feelings between Jace and Meara, and Jace's shapeshifter secret, a secret he needs to tell Meara, but he has a hard time revealing because it could destroy any chance for them becoming lifelong amorous partners. Add Meara's introverted personality shell that Jace hopes to break, bringing them together as soul mates.
Both protagonists are believable as their love-filled hearts for each other at times seem to beat as one. Now add the suspense of an unknown stalker after Meara. Will this stalker succeed in his evil intentions toward Meara? Or will Jace intervene and stop him? The climatic ending can only answer these questions. Reviewed by G.L. Didaleusky, author of mystery/suspense/paranormal novels.

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