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Aug 30, 2019
Tapestries in Time is an anthology of three stories: Taylor's Destiny by Christine Young, Sardinian Sunset by C.L. Kraemer and Street Dog Dreams by Genie Gabriel. The interconnecting stories takes place in Sardinia, Italy with one character in all three adventures, Destiny Rose. In the first story, Taylor Maxwell, is sent back from the twenty-first century to eighteen twenty-three Sardinia through a time portal off the coastal waters in her sailboat. Taylor is recused from her sailboat by Captain Reid Steward, the captain of a merchant ship. Amorous feelings ignite between the two of them as they search for an answer regarding her presence in a time period where social mores, norms and attitudes of people are completely different. The characters are vivid with memorable personalities. Destiny Rose, the ship's cook is sent aboard Taylor Maxwell's disabled sailboat. What happens next is a complete surprise.
The next story Sardinia Sunset takes place in the year two-thousand and eighteen. Olivia Francesca Porcu Martin quits her job in Portland, Oregon and flies to Sardinia, Italy to purchase a home in Ollolai, Sardinia, an island west of Italy. The dilapidating homes are selling for one dollar and twenty-five cents to boost Ollolai's declining population. Olivia convinces her friend, Taylor Maxwell to join her on the flight to Sardinia. Taylor will go sightseeing on the island before heading back to Portland. Olivia meets a general contractor who will renovate her house. She's attracted to him. Then Taylor goes missing. Destiny Rose shows up in Olivia's house and convinces her to let her stay in the house while the house is being renovated. There are twist and turns in the plot propelling the reader to a climatic ending.
The last story Street Dog Dreams takes place Sardinia, Italy in the twenty-first century. Horace and Maddie Ainsworth seek a new dogdom for Royal Canines, who's planet Candid was destroyed. They've been staying with the Horace and Mattie at their castle in Oregon since the Royal Canines' space craft had crash-landed on Earth. They learn of houses selling for one Euro in Sardinia. Horace, an inventor, and his wife, a time machine adventurer, fly to Sardinia on a commercial airplane to buy a house and property for a new dogdom. Perilous predicaments occur that could destroy the Ainsworth and the Royal Canines' dream and hopes for a dog sanctuary on the island of Sardinia. The story line is unpredictable with evil doers and dog lovers clashing with each other. The characters, both human and canine, are real and memorable. The ending is…you'll have to read Street Dog Dreams to find out.

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