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BookTown Will Remain Open!

On April 16th, Ning announced that they will be phasing out the free nings. But fear not citizens of BookTown. BookTown will continue to stay open. Although, later on down the road there will be changes made to BookTown depending upon how Ning will proceed when it comes to the Nings that are left behind. Thank You, The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of BookTown
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Booktown Ads

If you've purchased a BookTown Ad, please let the Deputy Mayor know so that we can put your ad up.

Remember once the ads are purchased, you can save them and use them wherever you want for as long as you want. 

(Roll your mouse over the Book Store Tab in the navigation bar to reveal more links.)
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Apex Magazine

Apex Magazine is open to submissions

1) Mail submissions to
2) Maximum word length a firm 7,500 words.
3) Payment is .05 per word. Paid within 30 days of publication.
4) Please submit either a Microsoft Word Doc or RTF file.
5) Use standard manuscript formatting as outlined by William Shunn. Essentially–double space, 12 pt. Courier or Times New Roman, 1″ borders.
6) We accept reprint submissions. However, your story must have been sold to a highly respected semi-professional (think InterzoneWeird Tales, and so forth) or professional publication (F&SFAnalog, and so on). Payment is a flat $10. Mark your story as a reprint in the subject heading of your email. Word limit for reprints is 10,000.
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