Book Town Revamp

Book Town Revamp



Every few years we make changes to our site in order to improve its content and functionality. You will notice some changes immediately while others will occur over the next few weeks. Several of these changes were based on the recommendations of our members. 



For those who are book reviews,  Book Reviews and Nurture your books will be discontinued


Audiobooks will be revamped to make it more user friendly. 

The Resources page will also be updated 

In addition, due to requests from members, posts will be limited to three per day.  We are adding a new Facebook page where members can post book promotions, book giveaways, book discounts, book trailers, social media interviews, and personal appearances. Limit 4 posts daily. 


Beginning Friday excerpts posted on our book excerpts page will be reposted on our Facebook page. 


We are looking for guest bloggers. 


More changes will be posted in the near future. 



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  • At the very top of the page next to the friend request is the email icon It's near the search box. I prefer the old layout but unfortunaly Ning makes the calls.
  • Thank you for the information!
  • I am not a blogger in the total sense of the word. But I do have a website where I post interviews of writers, book cover artists, screen writers - just anyone connected with the writing industry. I received no responses. I promote anyone who has an interview on my site on my Facebook page, as well as on Twitter. I have lots of followers.
    • So sorry to hear that. If you don't charge, I'd love to participate with you. Send me the details if you can. Thank you so much!
      • Thanks you. A.R. There doesn't seem to be a place to post private messages on BookTown. I don't ask people to publicly post their personal email in public places. Can you go to my Facebook and post a private message there? I will need the URL to your website and your regular email address to send my questionnaire. Find me at:
This reply was deleted.