BookTown Guidelines

We want BookTown to be a fun and informative place to visit; but at the same time we want to stay focused.  The following information is to provide a helpful scope of what BookTown is about and what we want it to be.  Along with the guidelines are suggestions for promotions and how to get the most out of BookTown.


  1. Always be courteous; although we’ve never had reports of rudeness in our fair and lovely town.  It wouldn’t hurt to remind everyone of this.
  2. Promotions:  BookTown is a site to promote your books and to learn how to more effectively promote your books. 
    1. What’s that about?  Videos and pictures must be about your book.  If your book is about your fish scruffy then post pictures about scruffy.  If scruffy attended a book fair with you by all means post it.

      i.      Pictures:  The freedom of BookTown, while we do encourage authors of all genres to join BookTown please keep in mind that your genre may be a little too much for someone else.  Posting one or two half nude pictures of your upcoming book covers won’t be so bad.  But a deluge of half naked pictures may send another member into a spiral.  Everyone is different with different tastes. 

      ***My suggestion would be to post a blog post with the images at the bottom of the post.  That way the only way another member would see the pictures is if they click on your link.

      ii.      Too big is too much.  Also about pictures, if you need assistance not making your pictures humongous distracting images that take a long time to load.  Please ask me.  Large images are annoying, distracting and makes the reader not want to search for the summary of the book and what it’s all about.
    2. Excessive Posting.  There’s a feature at the bottom of the blog that allows for members to set the date they want to post their blog to the newstream.  If you post ten blogs in one day it does not give any one else’s blogs a fair shot at being seen if it’s pushed down to the bottom.  In turn they may want to post ten blogs a day and it can quickly become a mess and grounds for massive postings.  Give everyone a chance to see everyone else’s blogs. 



These guidelines are a work in progress notifications will be sent out whenever changes are made. 



Book Town was built to provide a social network that brings writers of novels, graphic novels, short stories, poems, quotes, and artist together to:

1. Provide assistance to the novice writer by building a network of accomplished authors who are willing to give pointers and advice to beginners in need of assistance.

2. Gain additional exposure for authors to promote their projects by way of book sales, video trailers, contest, and by posting appearances in book fairs, book signings, radio and TV appearances.

3. Many writers have struggled to find that perfect book cover. To help solve that problem we invite book cover artist to join us and show the residents of Book Town a sample of your work.

Note: Because we have encountered cases where the same book trailers have been uploaded several times by third parties we ask that only authors upload book trailers to this site.
We reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone who post offense of inappropriate content.

Thank you - Mayor of Book Town