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Welcome to the Help Section of BookTown!

Whether it's help on information about BookTown or help on information on how to effectively use BookTown. Here is the section were you will find that information. This resource will be updated as the need arises. Do you have any questions that you don't see here e-mail either the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor.


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General Questions

How long has BookTown been around?

January 2009.

Why was BookTown founded?

The Mayor of BookTown and the Deputy Mayor have attended several book fairs and festivals in four years and we see new authors make the same mistakes or brand new mistakes. They'd like to lessen the numbers of mistakes and increase the number of successes through BookTown.

Due to the Ning changes in pricing will BookTown stay open?

Yes. We greatly appreciate the bustling activity, and kind comments of encouragement from the citizens of BookTown. Without the people of BookTown there is no BookTown.

I tried to copy a blog post to my BookTown Blog but I keep getting an error messages, what do I do?

This is a ning software issue and not a BookTown issue, how do I get around it?

Option A) I either copy and paste the blog to notepad - NOT MS Word, there's automatic formating that MS Word and the blogs from other sides do that carry over to ning sites, the ning site cant read the automatic formating that's been imposed onto the text and it freaks out a little. With notepad there's no formatting. But there's also no pictures.

Option B) Where you posted your blog, there's an option to see the html view, for example if you use blogger/blogspot next to the compose tab is the Edit html tab, click it and copy the html of your blog post, then come over to book town blog section click on the HTML tab and paste the html into the body.

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I want to post a video of my cat dancing, why wasn't it approved?

The purpose of BookTown is to help authors promote their books. Unless you've written a book about your dancing cat the video will not be approved.

Well, then what will be approved?

Book trailers, author tutorials, and author interviews. Things of author and book related nature.

I represent several authors, and I promote their books, would I be allowed to post several book trailers to BookTown?

No, and we say this because ning only allows us a certain amount of room for space regarding videos. It would be better if you directed your author to join BookTown and to upload the video them self. We don't want BookTown to be flooded of book trailers of authors who aren't even members of BookTown.

Where do I go to add a video? How do I do that?

Video Tutorial! - Click the here for a closer look. Some browsers allow you to zoom in on an image. After the image loads in a new tab, click it again.

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BookTown Ads

Where do I go to buy an ad?

Click Your Ad Here in the navigation menu, it's between Discussions and BookStore.

Could I send in my own ad?

Yes, but it would need to fit the size of the side of the web site if you want the image to appear throughout booktown. 192 x 936 is the standard image size for the side image.

A brought an ad from BookTown, can I reuse it somewhere else?


Can I use it as a bookmark too?


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BookTown BookStore

How is the BookStore manned?

The bookstore is tricky, because it's set up through amazon's astore. We have moved the store from ning's server so that it is run independently on another site.

Why isn't there a search function on the BookTown BookStore?

Amazon didn't add one to their a store.

What is the best way to submit my book to the bookstore?

Before you submit your books to be added to our bookstore you must add a link from your website or blog back to Book Town's Book Store.

E-mailing your ASIN number to There is a function when updating the BookStore that will allow me to upload a list of book numbers but only ASIN numbers. Why not ISBN? Why not both? Those are good questions - for, it's their set up.

Yes, I can add your book to the store using the title, but it would eat up more time than it would, because I would have to search for your book to add it and make sure it was the right book. The ASIN function wasn't always there. It makes things easier.

Here's what it looks like to me: The easy way.

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Where do we find the information about the Summer Book of the Week Promotions?

The Mayor's Blog

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