I've started to compile a list that may be helpful to my fellow BookTown residents. This list will be able to help them with their publishing needs. I've split up the links by genre and the links that I'm looking for is, writing associations, publishers, and blogs.

If the publisher doesn't have a submissions criteria listed on their website, I don't list it. And if it's a self-publishing service I don't list it.

Literary Agent Resources

Mystery Resources

Romance Resources

Science Fiction and Fantasy Resources

Children's Small Publishing Resources 

AudioBook Resources

Self-Publish Links

If you want to publish an e-book yourself here are some helpful links.

Amazon Kindle

Publish your book on Amazon Kindle


Smashwords isn't just Sony Reader but that's the big one they distribute to


Lulu can post your e-book to Lulu

Author Promotional Resources


Provides stock images for everyone, but it's a paid service.


Free sounds for your trailers.

New Author 101

Here is a list of sites that I've found helpful when I started to learn about publishing and writing.

Nathan Bransford

He's a literary agent that explains everything but the kitchen sink in publishing.

Robert J. Saywer

Science Fiction writer of the novel, FlashForward, he gives great insight into writing and publishing in scifi.

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