River Bones: Sara Mason Mysteries Book One

A serial killer terrorizes residents among the lush orchards and farmlands of the Sacramento River Delta in California.


Sara Mason returns to live in her hometown area in spite of torturous memories of the drowning deaths of her alcoholic parents and younger sister. She purchases a verifiably haunted ramshackle Victorian, intends to make peace with her past, and then learns the elusive psychopath is stalking her. Skeletal remains are found near her property, and later, on the property. Sara’s dreams of rebuilding her life are hindered. More remains are found and she is ordered to live elsewhere during the investigations.


Suspects include Crazy Ike who digs in graveyards; a vagrant caught wringing a cat’s neck, a window peeper, and numerous others connected to the twenty-eight known dead. The psychopath strangles his victims and snaps the hyoid bones in their throats, then buries each body with a small animal.


After escaping several attempts on her life, Sara discovers clues from previous victim burials and is the only person who can identify the perpetrator. She volunteers as a decoy for the Sheriff’s Department, and ends up with the maniac’s powerful hands wrapped around her throat.

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