A Doleful Kind of Singing by K.G. McAbee, a Gothic suspense, thriller novel taking place in the Victorian period in a small town of Stratherrick, Scotland. The protagonist, Ariela Harrington and her companion, Sophy Wiggins ventures from London, England on a train to this mysterious town where people seem to mysteriously disappear or are found dead on the shoreline of a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands called Loch Ness. Ariela’s father, Cadmion, was recently found dead, apparently from suicide at the edge of the nefarious lake. Ari (Ariela) doesn’t believe her father took his own life. The twenty-one-year-old Victorian, mean spirited woman seeks out the real truth behind her father’s suspicious death. Be careful of the truth because a monster may devour you. The characters are dynamic and memorable. An unexpected climax will engulf you as you shout to yourself, “I never expected that.” I give the novel five stars.

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