I have had the pleasure of speaking to over five thousand people in 100 venues throughout the country. I recently presented at the Treasure Coast Chapter of Brandeis National Committee. The president, Ronnie Fassberg wrote the following: Ellen Brazer treated us to a most exciting Book and Author Luncheon. Her latest novel, And So It Was Written, is a well researched, gripping piece of historical fiction and the story of Ellen's journey in writing this book won the hearts of every person in attendance. It is my pleasure to recommend her.I am an expert in the Bar Kockba era, a a time in Jewish history that few people know about. So many saw the Jews as weak, led to their death during the Holocaust without a fight. We were not seen as warriors until the state of Israel. In truth, we were warriors in the second century of the common era when we defeated Rome and ruled Israel for three years. While my book is fiction, it reflects Judaism in a very different light. Meticulously researched and controversial in scope and imagination, And So It Was Written travels to a time when a Third Temple is built and the Ark of the Covenant holding the Ten Commandments is found. The year is 132 CE, and the proclaimed Jewish Messiah, Bar Kokhba, has defeated the Roman army and rules Judea. As the Romans prepare to reclaim Israel, the book follows two sets of brothers–one Roman and one Jewish–whose friendships, hatreds, and lives intertwine. From triumph to defeat, this is a saga of courage, conquest, familial loyalty, honor and love–showing man at his best and his worst. (Now for a little self-promoting) My book Clouds Across the Sun won Hadassah’s prestigious Myrtle Wreathe Award, an award previously won by Maya Angelou, and my newest novel, And So It Was Written premiered as a bestseller under Jewish Literature on Amazon. Two of my short stories were printed in the Carnegie Mellon Anthology. Here is what people are saying:“… A born storyteller, Ellen Brazer transported my university students to another place and time.  Her talk was both mesmerizing and inspiring. Over the course of the past decade, I have invited many well-known authors to share their words but none have elicited such interesting discussion nor have made such a strong impact. Ellen has a gift for bringing the past to life, weaving an authenticity of setting with rich multi-faceted characters. We are swept into another era and become part of what was.-- Dr. Anita Meinbach, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Miami, School of Education and Human Development“…Ellen is an award winning author of historical novels. She writes of the early centuries of this era, the transitional centuries that witnessed the emergence of rabbinic Judaism. She communicates as clearly as she writes, leaving her audiences entranced and curious enough to learn more.”  -- Rabbi Mitchell Chefitz, author of The Seventh Telling and The Curse of Blessings   “ … I could almost see the characters of your book, hiding in the crevices of the rocks in the desert of Judea and Ein Gedi. The book you wrote is really a gift to the people of Israel, so there is no doubt you are some of the messiah breeze. May God bless your hands as you continue to write books and bring a smile and emotional longing, on our way to a world of peace and love.” -- Rabbi Ariel Joshua Louis, Torah scribe, Tel Aviv, Israel
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