Crazyhead - by John Klawitter

The cult classic of the Vietnam War. Trapped in a world not of his choosing, Mad Denny Haller choses love over madness. "I felt betrayed. Everywhere I looked was a blank space where someone I'd counted on had deserted me. Friends, family, country...what a joke! And just when you think you've got nothing to live for, something crazy happens. Love? Who knows? The Zips have a saying for it; they call it "dinky dao". It means 'bats in the head.' You know, CRAZYHEAD" - Mad Denny Haller.CRAZYHEAD, originally published in 1990, was John Klawitter's first novel. Klawitter was one of those wild beatnik romantics out of the late 1950's. He left a prestigious English Fellowship at UCLA 'to catch a glimpse of the mad god Mars', to see war as had his heroes Hemingway, Crane and maybe early Mailer. Klawitter survived his tour in Southeast Asia and, a somewhat changed person, went on to a career in film and television. He has won an EMMY, a CINE Golden Eagle, and many other awards for his documentary work with famous artist/reporter Franklin McMahon, Sr. He has written, produced and directed for Disney, Warner Bros, NBC, BBC, Hanna Barbera, and many indy production companies around the world. In 2009, his novel HOLLYWOOD HAVOC: The Trouble With Fat Boy, won an EPPIE Award for Best Action/Thriller Novel, and his collection of memoirs, TINSEL WILDERNESS, won for Best Non-Fiction Book. Rights to CRAZYHEAD reverted from Random House/Ivy Books to John Klawitter in 2000, thanks to the friendly advice and good services of The Author's Guild, and he caused it to be republished through the guild's "Back In Print" program, for which he is grateful.A FEW MORE WORDS ABOUT CRAZYHEAD: In the chaos and frenzy of wartime Saigon, decaying pearl of the Orient, one man thrived...sort of. An ASA linguist and code-breaker, a survivor who called no place home, Mad Denny was the man who could get anybody anything--whiskey, boots, chocolate sandwich cookies, hash. He was out to get even with the world, to get back what was his, to make his own bundle. Until he fell in love. Love turned his world upside down, and after that he got in quite a bit over his head. If you were pessimistic, you might observe, "Right feeling, wrong girl." But then, cynics don't believe in true love, do they?A FEW MORE WORDS ABOUT KLAWITTER: Many of his books and novels are available here on amazon, as Kindle, trade paperbacks and audio books. He is currently a member in good standing of The Author's Guild, The Directors Guild of America, and ASCAP.Amazon Print Purchase Link
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